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Author: Duncan Rhodes

Duncan is the Editor-in-Chief of Urban Travel Blog, a born and bred city slicker who loves urban adventure, street art, killer bars and late night hotspots. More about Duncan here.


cool things to do in Krakow

Hop in an East German Trabant to the Communist zone of Nowa Huta, invite yourself to a local's house for dinner or hang out with the hipsters at Forum Przestrzenie. Duncan Rhodes shares his top secrets for Krakow.


The Editor (finally) updates his diary, taking a look back at the stories and adventures that made 2016 a pretty good year for Urban Travel Blog, if not the rest of the world… So it’s finally over. It’s safe to say 2016 will be filed in historic terms as a…


Vilnius’ Capital Days festival heralds the start of the cultural year every September, and is a great chance to enjoy Lithuanian live music in combination with a long weekend away. Duncan Rhodes reports. Vilnius’ Capital Days festival finds the city in fine fettle. The broad pedestrianised Gedimino Prospektas – the…


Modernista masterpieces, medieval streets and Mediterranean sands are just three reasons why the Catalan capital is the perfect playpen for the urban explorer. Duncan Rhodes shares his tips for a fun weekend break…  If Barcelona were a woman she would be a ravishing but rebellious Miss World misfit, one who regularly neglects…

galicia things to do

The home of Christendom’s third most sacred city is also rife with black magic & superstition, as The Editor discovers on a journey to Galicia. Drinking a queimada for luck he visits Santiago, Cathedrals Beach and tries the local cuisine… A bit like the Basque Country, Galicia is one of…