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Author: Duncan Rhodes

Duncan is the Editor-in-Chief of Urban Travel Blog, a born and bred city slicker who loves urban adventure, street art, killer bars and late night hotspots. More about Duncan here.


basque country things to do

As part of his trip along Spain’s unspoiled Northern coastline, Duncan Rhodes explores the ancient land and culture of the Basques, discovering first hand both its natural beauty and its spirited cities and towns… “Everyone who has visited the Basque Country longs to return; it is a blessed land.” So…

camino de santiago northern way

The Way of St. James is a pilgrimage that takes many routes, and many forms. The Editor takes the so-called Northern Route, across "Green Spain", in a form that involves as little actual walking as possible...

mahon menorca guide

Rich in history, seafood and pomadas, Duncan Rhodes discovers a quiet capital, but one with enough art, culture and events to keep you off the beach for a day or two… Built around the second largest natural harbour in the world (after Pearl Harbour), Mahón is a grand old port…

minorca off peak in may

Having already sampled the charms of Majorca and Ibiza, The Editor pays a visit to Menorca, where he finds a Balearic beauty blissfully untainted by mass tourism with plenty of cool activities for both spring and autumn. “I had a friend whose family owned a villa in Cala en Porter…

best things to do barcelona

Rock out at Anti-Karaoke, eat lunch with a gangster and enjoy a night of steamy stanzas at a poetry brothel... The Editor assembles his very own eclectic list of top things to do in Barcelona.