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Author: Duncan Rhodes

Duncan is the Editor-in-Chief of Urban Travel Blog, a born and bred city slicker who loves urban adventure, street art, killer bars and late night hotspots. More about Duncan here.


best things to do barcelona

Rock out at Anti-Karaoke, eat lunch with a gangster and enjoy a night of steamy stanzas at a poetry brothel... The Editor assembles his very own eclectic list of top things to do in Barcelona.

review of kelly hotel dublin

Looking for a special place to stay in The Fair City? Find out how Urban Travel Blog fared during a wild weekend at the boutique Kellys Hotel, a perfect place for party-orientated travellers. In A Nutshell This stylish 16-room lodging is operated by the same team that run The Bar…


Just a short drive from Valencia lies Albufera lagoon, a vast and surreal wetland that is home to Spain’s largest lake and the region’s famous rice fields. Duncan Rhodes explores by boat… Rarely has a grey and gloomy day appeared quite so enchanting to me as it did on the day of my…


No seafood please, we're Spanish! The Editor embarks on a quest to try the authentic Valencian-style paella, which has its roots in the marshes and not the Mediterranean as many people believe...


For one reason or another the area around the train station in any given city was always one of the least desirable areas of town and rife with drugs and petty crime. Walking around today, it's hard to believe that not so long ago Ruzafa was that district...