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Author: Sasha Arms

Passionate foodie, trend-spotter and traveller, London-based Sasha Arms has reported on everything from pop-up restaurants to prison tourism for UTB. Keep up with her latest stories right here...


fun things to do toronto

Alleys dedicated to street art, alligator tacos, gravity-defying bank vaults and pork-themed tours are a few of the weird and wonderful things you can see, eat and do in Toronto. Sasha Arms reports from Canada.

york weekend break

The city where Guy Fawkes was born, Dick Turpin was hung and Constantine the Great was proclaimed Emperor has certainly got plenty of stories to tell – and plenty of great pubs to tell them in. Sasha Arms reports. York has a rich cultural history that strikes the visitor the…


Founded way back in 71 AD, this Northern giant has a fair claim to be the UK‘s original city adventure! Following the English Civil War it was second only to London and Norwich in importance and is rich in things to see and do… York is a cool city in…


Found in the former East Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg became a hub for young West Berliners after the wall fell. They squatted in buildings and led artsy, bohemian lifestyles. In the last decade or so, these Berliner beatniks have grown up and earned a little money...


Whether it’s camping indoors, or karaoke-ing outdoors, Berliners like to do things differently. In our latest Secret Seven post, Sasha Arms reveals her favourite offbeat activities in the German capital.