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Author: Thymn Chase

Thymn Chase is an American writer, journalist and musician living in Krakow, Poland. He has contributed as a writer and editor for magazines such as Lost in Krakow, B East, and the Krakow Post among others and is the Central & Eastern Europe Editor of City Spy Map.


Inspired by his many Florentine wanderings and wonderings, American travel writer and musician Thymn Chase introduces us to the city of David and Dante. Photos by Katarzyna Adamek. The world has been obsessed with this little Tuscan outpost ever since she was a blushing bambino. For more than two millennia…


Skyscrapers and steeples, bonfires and Bohemians, ‘zepelins’ and Zappa… Thymn Chase has plenty to elaborate on when discussing the charms of the oft-overlooked Lithuanian capital.  Vilnius was founded by Grand Duke Gediminas in the 14th century supposedly after camping out in the hills above the bend in the river Neris and…