District Guide

Delve straight into the hippest barrios in town, with our “In The Zone” district guides. Mean streets, ethnic eats and funky beats are all but guaranteed and we’ll also get a resident’s perspective on what makes the ‘hood so happening. Plus a few tips on where to stay. You’ve got it made, kid.


Up until about 10 years ago, Beacon, New York, a small city just an hour north of Manhattan, was verboten. A city overrun by drugs, prostitution and crooked cops. Your classic booming manufacturing town broken by the economic downturn of the 1970s.


Holešovice has been my home for the past two years. It’s gritty but not grotty; up-and-coming but not yet gentrified beyond all recognition. Traditionally, it’s a working class district: every day on my way to the tram stop I walk past a plaque commemorating where the Czech Communist Party elected Klement Gottwald their leader.


Iggy and Bowie lived there, the first German punk Mohawk follicles sprouted there, and a network of canals — where Nazis chucked their victims/martyrs — runs through it. You will never get to live there because it is too überhip for you. If you read this and claim to live there...


One warm Athenian summer night, among a sea of sharply dressed Greeks, I couldn’t help but spot an ambling pair of comfortably dressed Japanese tourists. With their guide book wide open and a big camera in hand, they began to make their way through the thick crowd ahead of them...


A Singaporean taxi driver first brought the charms of Little India to my attention. "How is your hotel, Sir? Are you receiving satisfaction?" he asked. I was guarded, knowing where such discussions with taxi drivers can lead. "It’s okay." It was comfortable, though generic.