Stop gawping for a while and learn to live the city instead! In these “Experience” features we send our intrepid journalists to investigate everything from funky festivals and fiestas, bizarre traditions and original / alternative tours. See what they got up to… maybe you’d like to do the same?


Click click zoom. Duncan Rhodes is given a license to mill around Barcelona’s streets and shoot up anything that gets in his way. Join him on the creative tourism bandwagon in the photogenic capital of Catalonia. I’m crouched down behind the plastic slides of a playground, lying in wait, my…


Fans of The Crystal Maze and the Saw movies should hotstep to Hungary pronto… the Exit Games phenomenon has spread like wildfire throughout the capital, says Ben Rhodes, bringing claustrophobic kicks to Budapest. “Try moving the chess pieces so the crow flies down with the key… Now use the magnetic…


Stuart Wadsworth visits five of Budapest's famous bath houses, where he encounters boardgames, beers, rub downs and raves... and still allows himself plenty of scope for a relaxing soak.


Our resident hedonist Ben Rhodes reports back from the Budapest Essentials festival, a city-wide fiesta… that mercifully doesn’t involve tents, mosquitoes or¬†wellies. If you have already travelled to the Hungarian capital, you will likely agree with my fellow Urban Travel Blogger Stuart Wadsworth that “Budapest is a city which demands…


I'm trying to gauge the width of the Ljubljanica river. I think it could be 20 to 25 metres across. Worryingly then, the five metre swimming badge I earned in primary school (still one of my proudest achievements) will not be enough to save me in the likely event that I take a plunge right in the middle of the waters.