In this travel info post we asked the local experts for four of the best ski resorts for shredding powder in the land of the rising sun…

Even a few years ago, if someone were to mention skiing in Japan, many would laugh at the thought. But the truth is that Japan is actually a great place for skiing, in both geographical and tourism terms. The mountains of Japan are coated with snow throughout the winter season and regions such as Kagura, Hokkaido and Tashiro, along with Mount Fujiyama, are excellent places for some skiing, adding plenty of winter sports opportunities to the tourists’ experience. There has been a recent boom in the developed ski resorts, and here is a lineup of the four best places for your next skiing adventures in Japan.

Kagura Resort

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Strategically located, Kagura Resort is a resort that has it all, with Kagura being located both to the adventures skiing slopes, but also close to Mitsumata and Tashiro that have their own and individual beauties, what more could you ask for. The Kagura resort comes fully equipped, fully furnished rooms, lawns, skiing hire and other available equipment ready for your snowing journey to begin. As much as Kagura resort is skiing orientated, after all it is a resort, and caters to all needs of its visitors. So if your not a experienced skier, no need to worry as the Kagura resort offers help for new skiers learn about the finer art of skiing. This is one of the best features about the resort it allows all visitors to enjoy their time, weather you are an experienced skier or its your first time standing on snow skies, Kagura offers so much adventure and fun.

Furano Resort

For those, who expect more elegance, style and comfort from their skiing adventures, need not to look further then the grand elegance and class of the Old Furano resort. The Furano is located in the region of Hokkaido, and offers more then frills, they offer some aesthetically, classy, and comfortable amenities for their guests. This means that this is the ideal spot for travels seeking elegance during their skiing adventures. The Furano Resort is also well-connected to the cable car facility to take you places in the enticing Hokkaido region. This has often been described as a unique place, with vintage style charm that will appeal to the tourists and ski enthusiasts alike.

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Niseko Resort

If you are not satisfied just having great accommodation with beautiful rooms and lounges to relax in during the skiing trips, you can settle for some fully furnished rooms of different luxuries available at leading accommodation sites like where you can find the best deals on the Niseko apartments and flats. Niseko is a unique kind of ski resort, as it offers the comfort of your own living arrangements, not only does it offer apartments like style, possibly more catered to your families, but it also offers penthouse suits, for the more adventures guests. Therefore, Niseko Resort in the Hokkaido region is a great place for the travelers and tourists on ski trails.

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Hakkoda Resort

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The Hakkoda Resort is located closest of all resorts to the Hokkaido region, which during winter receives the best kind and most snowfall in Japan, in short, it can be said that there will be no shortage of snow to ensure a perfect skiing adventure. The Hakkoda resort is a resort that comes with its own great thrills, frills and luxuries to satisfy both modern and traditional guests. The most and best quality of the resort (apart from the snowfall of course) is its unique ability to blend the classic style of vintage with the modern age luxuries to make for a comfortable and classy experience for their guests. In sayding this, make sure to check out the trendy, yet traditional style of the Hakkoda Resort.

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