Four of the best views over the City of Light, as chosen by our friends at Don’t forget to charge up the batteries of your camera before you get to the top!

Home to some of the most famous and iconic structures in Europe, many tourists head to Paris to take in the city’s spectacular views. And with its hidden gardens, grand buildings and more cheap hotels than you can shake a breadstick at, this is a city worth seeing from every possible angle. So while lot of these well-known landmarks can be seen from the ground or the more well placed Paris hotels, they also offer some of the best spots to take in the French capital from up high. Here are just a few of them…

La Butte de Montmartre

Standing proud as Paris’ tallest hill and offering some of the most stunning views of the city, La Butte de Montmartre offers energetic tourists 234 steps of the spiral staircase at the impressive Sacré Coeur Basilica to catch panoramic views of the northern part of Paris. The church is famous for its glistening white appearance and has a prominent location on the top of the hill – perfect for looking out over the city.

View from Sacre Coeur by: Juanedc

Notre Dame Cathedral

For the best view of the River Seine and yet more stair-action, tackle the 411 steps that lead to the top of the Notre Dame Cathedral. The Cathedral is arguably the most famous of its kind anywhere in the world and although not as high as the Eiffel Tower, the views are still spectacular. The two West Towers of the Cathedral are home to the famous gargoyles, which perch at the top and survey the city. Added during the 19th century restoration of the cathedral, traditional Parisian buildings and even the Eiffel Tower can be seen from their vantage point on a clear day.

Arc de Triomphe

Built to honour those who had died in battle for France during the Napoleonic Wars, the Arc de Triomphe provides fascinating views over the Champs Elysees. Standing at around 50 metres tall, it may not reach the dizzy heights of other famous landmarks in the city, but the vista is still one to remember. It’s also a great place for eagle eyed visitors to spot drivers attempting to negotiate the several lanes of beeping cars on the jam-packed Champs Elysees below.

Parc du Champs de Mars

Tourists wanting to see the Eiffel Tower in all its glory without climbing hundreds of stairs can take a trip to the Parc du Champs de Mars. Relaxing on the grass in this park that leads up to the tower and enjoying a picnic there with the iconic structure in the background is a great way to spend an afternoon. As it gets dark the tower is even more impressive, as it glitters and sparkles every hour, providing one of the most unique photo opportunities in the city.

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