As 2013 hoves into view, our friends at the Ultimate Travel Company take a look at the best January destinations for parents and the proverbial 2.4 children.

Following the brisk, cold festive months, January is usually a time of resolution; a time to get the year kick-started. Escaping the dark and cold weather of the UK is usually on many people’s minds at this particular time of year and with that in mind luxury family holidays in January can provide families with a fun and relaxing vacation to kick start the year in style with any of these five holiday hot-spots:

It’s important to introduce children to a little bit of foreign culture early on in their life so they can get a taste of it and continue to crave it later in life. Thailand has a culture that is unmatched and offers something for everyone. A rich cacophony of smells and sights, Thailand is a perfect January getaway due to the fact that it’s not a particularly popular Christmas destination and isn’t as hot at the start of the year which makes it perfect for parents and children alike.

The Indian Ocean
Whether it’s Mauritius or the Maldives, the Indian Ocean offers scenic beauty and sandy beaches unlike any other location in the world. With the kids sitting happily on the beach, parents can enjoy a well-deserved rest. Elsewhere, those seeking a quieter vacation for the Christmas getaway will enjoy the tranquillity of the Indian Ocean islands. A perfect vacation offering peace, quiet and a unique experience centred around the family only. Far from the madding crowds, there’s no better place for some proper sun, sea and sand.

Tunisia’s weather is quite temperamental. It’s not as far from home as some of these other destinations and is situated at the north of Africa. It’s an added incentive for the children that it’s on Africa’s coast and is therefore full of wonderfully golden beaches. The late Christmas festivities will still be going on and the culturally diverse nation will be a real eye-opener for the entire family and will likely appease everyone present.

If you wish to impress the kids this January, why not take them down to the Sunshine State. Florida offers sunshine 24/7 and this will be a unique Christmas for all the family. With prices dropping, it’s a great time to visit the States and the numerous tourist hot-spots including the Magical Kingdom and the various parks dotted around Orlando. Elsewhere, a trip to the murky Everglades may be in order as you introduce your children to a whole different world within the USA.

New York
New York is perfect for the family who wish to capture that unique Christmas spirit and charm. In a way, New York will be very similar to back home as its weather in January is usually quite low and it does snow often. The New Yorkers celebrate Christmas extensively and the atmosphere will be uncommonly special, something the kids will certainly enjoy and as it’s such a popular tourist destination, it’s likely the parents will too.

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