Ocean Springs, Port Gibson, Vicksburg and Jackson… four great cities in Mississipi that have plenty to offer wandering souls. Travel experts, My America Holiday, have the lowdown:

When it comes to vacationing in the same place every year, sometimes you just want something different. If this is you, why not try beautiful Mississippi? Mississippi provides plenty of ways to relax while watching the wildlife and visiting the parks and recreational places. Here are some entertaining cities to visit in this wonderful, but oft-overlooked state.

Location map of Mississippi, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ocean Springs

Ocean Springs is one of the many places to visit in Mississippi. With the parks, baseball fields and campgrounds there is a lot for people to enjoy outdoors here. With the big, green trees and the forest trails, you can go hiking, biking and even watch the birds. If you love seafood, then visiting Ocean Springs will make your taste buds love you because this city is also known for its delicacies of fish, oysters, crabs and shrimp.

Port Gibson

How about visiting the small and picturesque city of Port Gibson? It is a jewel of a city with its green forest, blue rivers and relaxing nature. It is a paradise in and of itself. Port Gibson is also the third oldest city located in Mississippi and can tell the history of this state with the many historical monuments. Don’t forget to visit the Windsor Ruins Pillars while visiting this lovely state.

St. James Episcopal Church in Port Gibson, by: NatalieMaynor


If you want to get away from the big city and enjoy something a little calmer, Vicksburg is the place for you. It is located right along the shores of the Mississippi river and is a beautiful, yet relaxing place to visit during your vacation. Take advantage of the cute and cosy little lodgings which will allow you to be one with nature. Want to see quite an attraction? Visit the Vicksburg Battlefield Museum which will take you all the way back to the civil war. When in this city you may want to consider staying at the Econo Lodge Hotel in Vicksburg Mississippi.


Do you want to visit a friendly city in Mississippi? Why not try the city of Jackson? Jackson, Mississippi is the second largest city in the state. This city has such a unique atmosphere that it has been nick named, The City with Soul. With plenty of things to do in Jackson such as lots of accommodations, water sports and lots of year round activities, it is no wonder many people want to visit Jackson. The city of Jackson has many attractions as well including the Jackson Zoo, Mississippi State Capitol, the Museum of Natural Science, the War Memorial Building and much more. Don’t forget to take your camera to capture all of the memories you will receive.

Overall, Mississippi is a wonderful state to visit with the many beautiful cities within it, read here for more information. Be sure to visit the gift shops to buy some souvenirs for your friends and family back home, and don’t forget to get your photos printed out as well so you can show everyone the beautiful cities you have visited in Mississippi! Taking memories home with you and your family of your vacation to this wonderful state will no doubt make everyone want to visit there someday as well.

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