Feeling stressed? Blow off some steam with a rail holiday! Our partners at Treyn reveal some great destinations in Germany and Great Britain.

The world has become more hectic and more connected, with frantic lifestyles now seen as the norm. Holidays and trips away have become more precious, providing a real chance to unwind, relax the mind, ease the senses and truly pull back from reality. What better way is there to achieve this than by taking a steam holiday?

Stepping back in time

When you book a railtour with Treyn you will be transported into a different time, where the pace of life is slower and you can catch up with your thoughts. Steam train holidays can be taken to a variety of destinations, depending on choice and the length of time you want to be away for.

You may want to stay within the beauty of Great Britain, spending some time travelling through the Peak District or sampling the exquisite market town of Harrogate in the North of Yorkshire. These tours will allow you to see real images of beauty on the stunning hills of the peaks and within the cobbled town streets, without the need for a passport.

Letting your adventurous side out

For those wishing to travel further afield, you can hop aboard and venture to the Harz Mountains in Germany. You can stock up on goodies to bring home, or by the twinkling lights of the tree in some of Europe’s most famous market towns. The mountains will provide a breathtaking backdrop, regardless of the time of year that you choose to visit, providing vistas that will delight and entertain in equal measure.
The speed of a steam train means you can travel comfortably to your destination at a pace that is designed to ensure that you don’t miss a thing. The trains are designed to a luxurious standard, with comfort being a central focus of the trip.

Why travel by rail?

Alongside the convenience of laying back and enjoying the passing scenery, rail tours are also a great way for you to travel from place to place. You might be surprised at just how many places you can reach by train and with the opportunity to stop off and enjoy the surroundings at your own pace, there really are plenty of reasons to travel by rail.

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