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That’s it folks, the lights are turned off, the turkey has been eaten, the tree is starting to wilt; Christmas has been and gone. With the festive period nothing but a memory, the rest of winter can feel like a glum prospect, month after month of grey skies and drizzly weather, but by packing up the family and heading somewhere new you can start off the New Year with an adventure. Whether you’re looking for a buzzing metropolis, rolling countryside or haunting castles the UK has some of the most picturesque locations in the world when it comes to adding warmth to your winter; it’s all a question of deciding what you want.

Magnificent, Mind-Blowing Metropolises

There’s a certain magic to the UK’s cities, the streets are filled with the whispers of history and the buzz of modern living and the mix of art, culture, food and entertainment means there is something for everyone to get excited about. Over the festive period the streets are brimming with shoppers all seeking the perfect presents to give to their loved ones, but once the gifts have been given a quiet falls over the city, making it the perfect time of year to plan your trip.

Edinburgh’s streets. Photo Credit: xiquinhosilva

Edinburgh – If you’re looking for a taste of the traditional then there’s nowhere more atmospheric than Scotland’s stunning capital city. The architecture alone is enough to inspire anyone. The streets are split between the medieval Old Town and the ornate Georgian New Town, with the awe inspiring 12th century castle set in the middle acting as the crowning jewel. You can retrace the steps of Scotland’s royals by wandering the cavernous halls of the castle, explore the vibrant city streets and enigmatic nightlife, and take part in some of the year round festivities which make Edinburgh one of the number one tourist destinations in the world.

London – No list of top UK cities would be complete without at least one mention of London. The city of splendour, London is renowned for its theatres, galleries, pubs, clubs, skyline, parks and unparalleled beauty. You could spend a lifetime in London and still not experience everything it has to offer, so planning is essential when it comes to your getaway. Plan dinner and a show, an afternoon at The Tate, a brisk walk in Hyde Park or a trip up the Tower of London to dip your toes into the UK’s most historic city.

Country Escapes

After all the excitement of Christmas sometimes all you want is a quiet hideaway where you can relax and unwind before jumping into the new year. The green and pleasant land of the UK is filled with quaint cottages, dramatic landscapes and rolling natural beauty spots, all you have to do is know where to look.

A jetty in the Lake District. Photo Credit: Marilyn Peddle

The Lake District – All time melts away as you get closer and closer to this sanctuary of a simpler time, the hustle and bustle is all behind you and you come face to face with picturesque villages nestled between stupendous mountains and on the banks of serene lakes. The landscape has been inspiring poets and artists for years and a short break here filled with hikes, walks, pubs and boating can be all you need to ease your way into 2014.

The Welsh Valleys – For a real rural retreat there’s nothing like the Welsh Valleys. They are one of the most iconic backdrops in the whole of the UK and each valley has its own unique soul. The villages are filled with picturesque terraced houses and quaint country churches, and as a non-traditional tourist destination you’re sure to enjoy peace and quiet in these serene surroundings. The valleys offer some of the most fascinating locations in the whole of the UK and give you the opportunity to visit distinctive museums and stunning national parks for a weekend away steeped in social culture.

If you want January and beyond to be soaked in exploration and adventure then a caravan can help you hit the open road with as little fuss as possible. Investing in your own mobile accommodation from companies like The Caravan Company as a late Christmas gift can help open you up to the big wide world and all the beauty it has to offer.

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