In this week’s guest post, the travel gurus at GoEuro reveal, not only some tips for exploring London, but also how to use the GoEuro website to plan the fastest route from the capital to nearby towns, like Oxford.

Failing to thoroughly plan a trip can lead to confusion, loss of valuable time, and missing out on great attractions when visiting metropolitan cities like London. This can happen during a business trip, academic tour or while simply on vacation.

Touring London

As a first time tourist in London there is no better way to discover the city than by taking a vintage double-decker bus tour. Look for those that allow you to hop on and off near popular tourist attractions. Discovering St. Paul’s cathedral for the first time is memorable as the bus drives along the banks of River Thames past the Tower of London. Further along the river bank is the Shakespeare’s Globe, Cleopatra’s Needle and London Bridge. If you are lucky, the bus may even drive through London Bridge. Have your camera ready at all times. Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye are also a must-see for first timers in London. Be sure to also check out the culinary delights and eclectic mix of products for sale at markets, like the one in Camden and Notting Hill.

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As most major cities in the world, London has easily available detailed city guides. Perusing through one of these guides is quite illuminating. One can discover many sites to see through such guides. To maximize one’s travel experience in London he or she can use oyster cards on the tube lines, buses and trains. These cards come with great offers and discounts.

Take a Detour

Those fascinated with England’s medieval history can venture outside the city to explore famous landmarks. If you are limited on time, planning is crucial to make the most of any trip. Travel search engines, like take the legwork out of googling and tell you how to get to your destination the cheapest or fastest way. Consider a trip to Oxford to visit the birthplace of William Shakespeare. If ancient myths, stories of epic battles, the glorious lives of kings and queens, and tales of heroic knights are your cup of tea, plan a visit to one of England’s many castles. Other well-known and fascinating attractions outside London to keep in mind when planning are: Windsor, Canterbury, Bath, Dover, Greenwich, and prehistoric monument Stonehenge.

It is important to note that London is huge and crowded. Getting around at times can prove to be a bit of a hassle. Whatever your plans, don’t let poor planning be the reason you don’t maximize your time there. Take advantage of travel information out there help plan your trip.

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