We seek advice all the time in the fields of health, love and finance… so why not travel too? In this week’s guest post The Co-Operative Personal Travel Advisors explain the pros of seeking some professional help in choosing your vacation.

A personal travel advisor can help us choose the ultimate holiday by offering knowledge and expertise that is second to none.

So why should you choose one when booking your next holiday?

Peace of mind

Quite often when we book a holiday we don’t always check the financial guarantees and safety aspects of the trip. A personal travel advisor, particularly if they are employed by a larger, reputable firm will ensure your trip is bonded by both ABTA and ATOL guarantees.

This can prove invaluable should there be a problem with any unexpected mishaps. It’s very reassuring to know that a quick call to the advisor can provide some helpful suggestions whilst you’re away.


Some prefer the comforts of an all-inclusive package while others prefer to be a little more adventurous and tailor their holidays to their individual needs. It’s so much easier to leave all the booking details, including travel and hotel arrangements, in the capable hands of an advisor.


If you present your needs to your specialist travel advisor they will be able to advise which destinations will suit your budget.

If you are travelling as a family you can even ask them how every family member can be satisfied. This will eliminate any potential family arguments in an instant.


It’s the advisor’s job to seek out the best possible holiday on your suggested budget. This means that you won’t be shocked by extra expenditure when you are there.

For example, should you wish to spend some time sightseeing in Rome then the advisor will let your know all the museum charges as well as the prices you should expect to pay in local restaurants. If you have a reasonable idea of the possible expenditure before your trip it’s easier to plan how to spend your time and your money.


Personal travel advisors are selected as a result of their knowledge of the travel industry and their love of holiday destinations. It’s great knowing that you can take advantage of this expertise and you don’t have to be a millionaire to be able to do so.

With so many reasons why you should use a personal travel advisor the one question you should really ask yourself is ‘why shouldn’t you use one?’

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