Stuart Wadsworth visits five of Budapest's famous bath houses, where he encounters boardgames, beers, rub downs and raves... and still allows himself plenty of scope for a relaxing soak.


Our resident hedonist Ben Rhodes reports back from the Budapest Essentials festival, a city-wide fiesta… that mercifully doesn’t involve tents, mosquitoes or wellies. If you have already travelled to the Hungarian capital, you will likely agree with my fellow Urban Travel Blogger Stuart Wadsworth that “Budapest is a city which demands…


Originally semi-legal bars set up in abandoned courtyards, Budapest's kerts have been the city's favourite summer hang outs for well over a decade. But today these so called 'ruin pubs' are evolving into much more than beer gardens..


From eyewear to footwear (and not forgetting homeware), Budapest is proudly flaunting its domestic design talent. Our local correspondent Monika Jones runs down five of her favourite places to do a little shopping… Hungary has brought to life some of the world’s most innovative designs, including the rather handy ballpoint pen –…


Cultural influences from both East and West have left their mark on Hungary’s capital, from the grand cafes of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire to neglected statues of one-time Soviet heroes. Stuart Wadsworth delves into Budapest. Centre of Europe, grand old dame of the Habsburg Empire, inventor of ‘Goulash Communism’ and, more…