Before you submit a pitch/proposal to Urban Travel Blog, please take the time to read around the site and see the type of content we publish and the general style and tone of writing we prefer. All writing must be the writer’s original work (we don’t accept or condone any form of plagiarism) and should not have been published in any other form (online or printed) previously.

Generally speaking we will only publish content that fits our established publishing brief, detailed below:

(PLEASE Bear in mind that we are extremely unlikely to publish articles on spec., without having agreed a commission first. Submission guidelines are published here for the benefit of writers who have been commissioned, and to guide pitches from new writers).

‘Long Weekend’ City Guides

Our city guides are written by destination experts (either living locally, or frequent visitors) and are intended to give the first time visitor to the city a range of cool tips on how to spend a short break/long weekend in that destination. Strong local knowledge is a must, as is an eye for the quirky and alternative side of any destination.

>>> Full City Guides submission guidelines.

‘In The Zone’ District Guides

These ‘district focus’ guides put a microscope over a district of particular interest. Please note we are not likely to publish an In The Zone piece if we have not yet covered the destination in a City Guide.

>>> Full District Guides submission guidelines.

‘Experience’ Travel Articles

‘Experience’ articles should be a first person report on a fun, interesting or unique city-based experience. In some cases this might be an organised – but offbeat – commercial tour, in others a bizarre festival, local tradition etc. Get in touch if you know of an experience that needs writing about, and hasn’t had much coverage in the travel press.

>>> Full ‘Experience’ articles submission guidelines (coming soon).

‘Trend’ Travel Articles

Trend pieces should be first person, magazine-style articles reporting on a new/hip/weird trend taking place in a city right now. An example might be Pop up restaurants and pop up cinemas in London.

>>> Full ‘Trend’ articles submission guidelines (coming soon).

‘Top Five’ Travel Guides

Top Fives take a look at famous aspects of a travel destination (eg: brew pubs in Prague, baths in Budapest) introduce the concept briefly and then detail the five best of their kind.

>>> Full Top Five articles submission guidelines.

‘One Blurry Night’ Travel Articles

One Blurry Night In… [destination] should be a first-hand, gonzo-journalism-style report on a city’s nightlife scene. It needs to include interaction with locals and local drinking/socialising habits and needs groundwork done in advance.

>>> Full One Blurry Night articles submission guidelines.

‘Eco/Green’ Travel Articles

‘Eco/Green’ articles often cross over with articles in the ‘Experience’ or ‘Trend’ categories but should include a strong environmental/green focus.

>>> Full ‘Eco/Green’ articles submission guidelines (coming soon).

‘Photo Story’ Travel Articles

Photo Stories are travel photo reportage (8-12 photos), focusing on one interesting aspect, specific place or theme of a destination. They should include two or three paragraphs of introductory text to give the photos context.

>>> Full ‘Photo Story’ articles submission guidelines.

‘Special Feature’ Travel Articles

‘Special Features’ are first hand, magazine-style stories of special interest that don’t fall into any of the above categories. Often they are outdoor, regional or multi-country stories. Please note we don’t currently report on travel news, politics or trends within the travel industry. Nor do we publish ‘Just got back’ style articles, or diary-style blog posts. Each special feature should have a strong angle/focus.

As well as specific guidelines for each type of article we publish, Urban Travel Blog also has general style guidelines, which include a few tips on how to avoid the pitfalls and traps that novice – and even experienced – travel writers often fall into (coming soon).

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