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General guidelines

Please use precise prose, plenty of concrete details, original use of language/no cliches (ie. no ‘hidden gems, breathtaking views, beautiful people, city of contrasts, vibrant nightlife’), succinct. This is a guide to the very best a city has to offer. Reader should be ready to set off for a long weekend with just the info included in this guide – and have the time of their lives. Imagine you are writing the guide for your best friend who has never visited the city before, (but you are not going to be there to show them around!). One or two uses of the first person encouraged for personal touch, but no more.

(Remember links to appropriate sites means you don’t have to go into a great deal of details on any one thing – we can link to wikipedia, official sites of restaurants, hotels, attractions).

Specific guidelines on each section

City Introduction/Snapshot

Approx. 200-250 words summarising the essence of the city and what makes it great. The vibes, the locals, the culture, the unique points, the recent history (keep it light/brief though). What makes Paris, Paris? An original snapshot/portrait of the city. Get creative.

Best of the Beaten Track

A no b/s checklist of the major attractions you really should see. For international icons like Eiffel Tower, pay these lip service (if they are even worthy of inclusion) and concentrate on others. Approx. 200-300w.

Hipster’s Guide

Some alternative sights, dusty treasures, possibly focused around one hip/Bohemian district, but can incorporate several. Quirky museums, oddball attractions, tourist-free zones, unexpected delights. Approx. 200w.

Experience & Events

Two strands to this section. 1) The best/most original experiences the city has to offer, and 2) the most unusual/worthy events, preferably with lots of cultural immersion and local interaction.

Experiences might be Communist tours in East German trabants, night time bike rides through dodgy districts, nuclear bunker roleplaying tour. Something unique, where the traveller plays an active part (ie. not just a museum or standard guided tour).

Events would include things like Notting Hill Carnival, Krakow photomonth, Popkomm in Berlin… nothing too fusty or commercial, and preferably events that last more than just one day! 200w.

Pillow Talk

Three to five hotel recommendations. Unique, original, charismatic, green/eco-friendly. You should cover a range of budgets (ie. if three one low, mid-range and luxury choice). What is note-worthy about each place? Roof terrace, weird spa treatment, great value and homely, futuristic? We may add one apartments agency too. 100w.

Fork Out

A one or two line introduction to the dining out scene, followed up by some can’t-go-wrong restaurant recommendations – include a dish if you are a regular! Off-the-wall choices, local favourites, places with atmosphere. You know the drill. 100w.

Drop In

A one or two line introduction to the local nightlife scene (local habits, best areas for going out), followed up by fantastic recommendations of reliably happening bars and clubs. Gimmicky places ok, only if they also deliver a great night out. We want places with authentic music policies, friendly crowds and a great chance to mingle with locals. Can include some low key places for chilling but must include some party places. 100w.

Getting There

Best start with the cheap airlines, then traditional carriers. Any other ways of getting there. Eurostar? Particularly well connected to neighbouring capital by train/coach? Just a short ferry ride from? Keep it brief, doesn’t need to be comprehensive. 50w.

More Juice

The best websites about the city. Maybe a commercial site, official site and a cool blog. What is each website good for (nightlife? Restaurants? Practical info?). 50w.

Hard Copy

Which are the best hard copy guides to the city? And what about fiction or classic non-fiction? Some great background reading material recommendations. 50w.

Silver Screen

Great films (or really great TV shows) set in the city.

Soundtrack to the City

Five songs connected with the city, or somehow perfect evoke the city’s vibe (if the latter should be by local band!). Is there a musical genre associated with the city? Contemporary choices better than hackneyed classics – ie think Ladyhawke (Paris is burning) not New York New York.


PLUS Pictures

Photos need to be uploaded with the article, in the same format as existing guides. Please follow precise instructions on the Upload Guide. Photos MUST be copyright of the you the author, or free commons. Email the editor if you don’t have any photos!

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