The purpose of ‘In The Zone’ District Guides is to give a snapshot of a particularly interesting/hip district of one of the cities we cover, with a few select recommendations (but not so many as to overwhelm the reader). Concise concrete prose as always, and the piece should be accompanied by a selection of good photos and a Google map. To give these pieces a real local flavour we also need a resident’s perspective. See the appropriate field below.

The Vibe

Kick off with a brief but colourful intro to the district, including its history (no need to overdo this) what it’s most famous for now, the type of people that live here, and why it’s a good idea to check it out! Include any interesting trivia you know. If there’s a major event that happens here mention it as well.

By Day

Name the coolest attractions or things to do by day (2 or 3 are enough) and a couple of good options for daytime refreshment, be that breakfast/lunch/tea. Plus one or two funky shops/bazaars that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.

By Night

Suggest (and briefly describe) a couple of good restaurants, a couple of good bars, and a club if there are any. Or anything else cool to do by night – like a good alternative theatre, cabaret etc.

Resident’s Perspective

Interview one resident and ask them the following questions.

4)how long have they lived there?
5)what do they like about this district?
6)what don’t they like about it?
7)favourite venue
8)….? (any other question).

From this you should get a good quote or two, which is all we need. An example might be:

Agata, 23, who studies Law at Jagiellonian University, has lived in Kazimierz for 2 years. “I really love the vibe here. People stop and talk on the street and there’s a real neighbourhood community. Even hte pigeons are friendly. My favourite spot is Kolory. It’s a great cafe on Plac Nowy where I go most Sundays with my book”

We also need a photo of the resident – in the district. It could be a friend or someone you grab on the street!

Local Digs

Name one or two places to stay (hotel, hostel etc.) in the district itself.

Google Map

To be discussed with Editor.

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