Examples of published Photo Stories here.

The idea of a Photo Story is to portray a fascinating aspect or theme of a travel destination via both images (primarily) and text (to lend context to the images). The subject of the Photo Story should be something unique or characteristic of that destination. At its broadest a Photo Story could focus on a specific area of a city, whilst a more narrowly defined one might focus on a specific street, marketplace, ritual, festival etc. or a theme (such as bridges in Dublin, graffiti in Berlin).

Content (Text)

The text should include one or two paragraphs introducing the subject, and a third paragraph in the first person describing your own personal response to the subject, and how you shot it (what camera? what techniques?).


The image part of the story should consist of 8-12 excellent quality photos. Please resize all photos to 1000 pixels width before uploading, and then when uploading select “full size” and “center” alignment. DO NOT enter captions.

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