Examples of published Top Five travel guides here.

The idea of the regular Top Five feature is to introduce the readers to a cool/interesting/characteristic aspect of a city, and then run down the best five places to sample/experience it. The subject of a Top Five should be peculiar to that city (not necessarily exclusive of course) and an important part of local life/culture there.

Some examples ideas would be:

Top Five Beer Gardens in London
Top Five ‘Plubs’ in London
Top Five Small/Indie Theatres in London
Top Five Xampanerias in Barcelona
Top Five Modernist Marvels in Barcelona
Top Five Chiringuitos in Barcelona
Top Five Milk Bars in Krakow
Top Five Techno Clubs in Berlin
Top Five Riverside Bars in Berlin
Top Five Thermal Baths in Budapest
Top Five Ruin Bars in Budapest

Although I would prefer something unique to a city (or something the city is particularly famous for), there are some generic Top Fives that could work in several locations.

Top Five Views
Top Five Street Eats
Top Five Rooftop Terraces

Top Fives should be introduced in the 3rd person, in the form of a guide, however the first person can be used judiciously to engage the author, show you’ve been there and possibly bring a fun anecdote into play.

Features Structure

Introduction to the subject of the Top Five, and it’s place in the culture of that city. c200 words.

A short paragraph on each of your selected top five. Try and keep it varied and interesting! MUST INCLUDE street address and website. c75-100words each.

Google Map

To be discussed with Editor (LEAVING THESE FOR NOW).

PLUS Photos

Every Top Five should be accompanied by 3-5 quality photos.

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