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Author: Alice Mulhearn

A travel journalist and foodie with an insatiable love of Italy, Alice's adventures in "The Boot" have seen her live in Naples, Venice and Verona - making her our expert on both the country's pizzas and piazzas.


cannaregio venice

The second largest of Venice’s six historic districts, Cannaregio is arguably the best place to search for the ancient soul of La Serenissima. Alice Mulhearn reveals the finest sights, cicchetti bars and things to do in the zone… Most visitors to Venice never get to see Cannaregio’s better side. For…

Weekend away in Venice

Whilst many claim that mass tourism has turned the merchant city of Venice into little more than an European museum, our expert on Italy, Alice Mulhearn, has a different story to tell… Nowhere on earth is as still as Venice at night. No street vendors, no tourists, no sound – only…


If you come here to see Juliet’s balcony, you’ll be going home talking about everything else, says Alice Mulhearn, as she guides us through one of the world’s most romantic cities… In Verona there is a golden hour. It starts at around 6 o’clock – later during the languorous days…