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Author: Jörg Dietrich

After studying Natural Sciences in London and Germany, Jörg stumbled into cityscape photography which in turn developed into panoramastreetline.com an online archive of linear streetscapes. More on Jörg.


Breslau Großer Ring Panorama

Virtually every city in Poland boasts a stunning market square, but arguably the fairest of all them all is Wroclaw’s very own Rynek. Jorg Dietrich shares his panaramic photos and some of the Germanic history behind this iconic square. Wroclaw has been a city in focus throughout 2016, as a…

With his project Panorama Streetline, Jorg Dietrich creates composite photos dedicated to showing a city’s architectural identity. We invited him to share his new perspective of the German capital… Berlin might not be the first city one thinks of in terms of grand metropolitan architecture. Sure you have the icons, like Brandenburg…