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Author: Mary Biles

Originally from the Isle of Wight, Mary decided to upsticks and head south to Andalusia after discovering an affinity with Spain and its people. She lives in Seville where she delights in uncovering little known treasures. Read Mary's full bio here.


seville things to do

Rooftop concerts, food markets, kayaking on the Guadalquivir and flamenco done properly are amongst Mary Biles savvy selections for an original city break in the south of Spain...


Miniature theatres, micro plays, private rooftop concerts and peer to peer living room performances are all helping to create a newly intimate cultural scene in Seville. Local journalist Mary Biles investigates.  As a tourist it’s normal to look for things that take your breath away and generally the real breath robbers tend…


The most stereotypical of Spanish cities, if you’ve been seduced by dreams of handsome gitanos on horseback and sultry senoritas snapping castanets, then make sure Sevilla is on your Iberian itinerary. Mary Biles is our guide. I’d like you to take a moment, close your eyes and conjure up an image…