Urban Travel Blog

Author: Stuart Wadsworth

Based in Krakow, Poland, Stuart has spent the last decade exploring Central and Eastern Europe, reporting for Urban Travel Blog, Rough Guides and his own blog The Art of Budget Travel.



Poland’s grand eastern city looks destined to be the last discovered by travellers. A one time bastion of Jewish culture, and now lively University city, Stuart Wadsworth finds plenty to recommend in Lublin. Long in the shadows of hipper, more well-known destinations in Poland such as Krakow, Wroclaw and Warsaw,…


With a castle, basilica, synagogue, thermal baths, a tradition of wine making and even a Valley of Beautiful Women, isn’t it time we put Eger on the itinerary?  Stuart Wadsworth is the man behind the words, and lens, in our latest city guide. Hungary, similar to nearby Czech Republic, is a country…


As the tourists desert Croatia’s stunning coastline this September, Stuart Wadsworth sets off to explore by bike and ferry. Along the road from Trieste to Dubrovnik he is smitten, and bitten, in equal measure… A pleasant tail-breeze was blowing, a herd of sheep were braying by the side of the…


Stuart Wadsworth visits five of Budapest's famous bath houses, where he encounters boardgames, beers, rub downs and raves... and still allows himself plenty of scope for a relaxing soak.


Thought Prague was the only city worth seeing in the Czech Republic? Stuart Wadsworth heads to the lively student town of Olomouc, in beer-loving Moravia, where brilliant Baroque architecture is blissfully unsullied by British stag parties. For many years now, Prague has completely dominated tourism in the Czech Republic, so…