Stop gawping for a while and learn to live the city instead! In these “Experience” features we send our intrepid journalists to investigate everything from funky festivals and fiestas, bizarre traditions and original / alternative tours. See what they got up to… maybe you’d like to do the same?


I'm trying to gauge the width of the Ljubljanica river. I think it could be 20 to 25 metres across. Worryingly then, the five metre swimming badge I earned in primary school (still one of my proudest achievements) will not be enough to save me in the likely event that I take a plunge right in the middle of the waters.


Rog is undoubtedly the most famous brand of bike in Slovenia. And there's a simple reason for that, says Tevs, founder of Watermelon Bike Tours and my guide for the day. From 1951 to 1991 it was the only brand of bike in Slovenia. "When we were part of Yugoslavia..."


Looking for something new to do in Rotterdam? What could be hotter, wetter and better than a hot tug at night with our local correspondent Nina Sharuc…? Time to sit back and relax.. Last night I found myself drifting in a hot tub through the canals of Rotterdam, admiring the…


We’ve all followed a man with an umbrella around a city’s major sights, but Barcelona now offers a slew of specialist tours. Marissa Tejada signs up for a shopping tour, that incorporates design, fashion and food into its agenda… To block the glare of the Mediterranean sun, personal tour guide…


Did you know that Estonia has more islands than Greece? Neither did Duncan Rhodes, before he took a day trip to discover the rural charms of Prangli, a short ferry ride away from Tallinn. The sky is a porous grey blanket, the Baltic summer air spiky and cold, as our…