Secret Seven

Hate mass tourism? Or simply visiting your favourite city for the second, third… hundredth… time and looking for something cool and original to do? Then bookmark this page! We ask our resident experts for seven awesome and alternative tips to the world’s favourite weekend break destinations…

things to do in rio de janeiro

Late night Samba parties, local football matches and record-breaking street art... it's all part of our guide to Rio de Janeiro's top secret treasures. Lauren Quinn lets the cats out of the bags.

fun things to do toronto

Alleys dedicated to street art, alligator tacos, gravity-defying bank vaults and pork-themed tours are a few of the weird and wonderful things you can see, eat and do in Toronto. Sasha Arms reports from Canada.

cool things to do in Krakow

Hop in an East German Trabant to the Communist zone of Nowa Huta, invite yourself to a local's house for dinner or hang out with the hipsters at Forum Przestrzenie. Duncan Rhodes shares his top secrets for Krakow.


Secret meadows, penny arcades, vintage shopping and every species of British bird - stuffed for perpetuity - are amongst Brighton's lesser-known treasures. Our tips for a Bohemian break on the South Coast...


Prohibition-era bars, Bohemian book stores and Community Gardens are just three unusual locales we uncover in NYC. With our Secret Seven tips you've got it made in Manhattan...