It’s time for a quarterly update from the Editor, as it’s been a while since we last spoke in spring – and a lot has been happening! Last month we celebrated squeezing past the milestone of 10,000 visitors a month just 10 months after we launched, and our readers have certainly had a lot of juicy travel stories to devour… from feature articles on prison visits in Bolivia, to crazy nocturnal bike rides and anarchist gardening in London our reporters have been busy bringing you some of the best travel adventures published on the web.

A number of talented new writers have also jumped on board the UTB wagon, including Sam Chimes who invited us on a trip around London’s weirdest travel attractions, Simon Taylor who took us on a tasting tour of Krakow’s best pierogi restaurants and Nick Hodge who was our guide on a subterranean adventure – also in Poland’s ancient royal capital – of Krakow’s legendary ‘piwnice’.

Importantly our collection of expert city guides has been steadily growing over the last couple of months too, with Emma Weinbren’s Madrid guide and Natalie Buster’s New York guide the latest additions… we’ll be publishing more in the coming weeks from established travel destinations such as Valencia and Paris, and some lesser known greats such as Cluj, Sibiu, Tbilisi and Baku. In the meantime you can get ‘The Juice‘ on 13 great cities around the world. The best neighbourhoods, bars, bolt-holes, and even hot soundtracks to the city!

And for those who can’t think of anything worse than concrete and car horns this time of year, you might be able to draw inspiration for your next break from Michael Bailey’s altruistic conservation work in Tobago, or Ben Rhodes’ indulgent lazing on Ibiza’s hidden beaches.

One other strand of travel stories that has been flourishing nicely this summer are our photo stories, and thanks to Krystyna Dul and Keven Erickson our readers can enjoy some arresting images of Sofia’s Zhenski Pazar (Women’s Market) and Krakow’s trademark trams. Monika Chodakowska meanwhile reveals the slow side of cafe life in Paris and the almost unchanged traditions that still take place in the Sicilian port of Castellammare del Golfo.

That about rounds up what we’ve been up to lately. As for what’s coming next… well suffice to say it will be more interesting than postcards from your ma and pa’s week in Devon. Even as we speak one of our more foolhardy reporters is busy writing up what happened to him when he bought a Super Soaker and signed up for a month-long water-gun assassination contest. Once you’ve signed up for Street Wars it seems you never know you might be knocking at your door!

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Enjoy the rest of the summer!

The Editor

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