The world is changing quicker than ever before, and so is the way we travel. It only follows therefore that the way we access our travel information is changing rapidly too. Out-of-date guidebooks (that weigh half a tonne), and fusty magazines filled with clichéd images of azure seas and golden sands hardly constitute ‘essential reading’ for the modern traveller, and whilst tidal waves of copy wash up on the Internet every day the overflow of content makes it almost impossible to sort the good from the abundance of bad.

Urban Travel Blog is a new concept in travel media. Unlike most blogs and media portals, Urban Travel Blog has a editorial structure similar to a traditional magazine meaning our readers are guaranteed quality on-target content, and unlike traditional magazines we are making our content web-friendly with easy-to-read blog format, great SEO, plenty of outbound links where our readers can find more information, all supported by web functionality (Google maps, RSS feeds – and plenty of other widgets, gadgets and apps to come!).

Urban Travel Blog has two main publishing focuses. The first are our city guides (aka The Juice), designed to give our readers all the information they need for a short break in some of the most exciting destinations in Europe and the rest of the world. The second are our travel features, bringing you the latest trends, experiences and highlights from inside the city (and occasionally beyond!). All of our articles are designed to inspire, inform and entertain and if you can’t make it to the destination right now, we hope you’ll enjoy a pleasant afternoon of armchair travelling at the very least!

It has been an exciting few weeks seeing Urban Travel Blog turn from conception into reality, and readers can be assured that this current prototype is merely UTB 1.0. The focus for now is on the great writing, and our team of travel writers have been hand-chosen for their hands-on approach, investigative skills, youthful enthusiasm and prose as refreshing as Pimms and lemonade on a hot day. Under their guidance we hope our readers will be able to throw off the shackles of tick-box tourism and discover the soul and stories of the world’s most exciting cities.

I’ll be steering the ship along the journey, and if you would like to get in contact with any ideas, feedback, opportunities etc, then I’m only an email away.

The Editor

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