Film tourism is a booming business… just ask the New Zealand tourist board about the Lord of the Rings effect! In this guest post we invite Globelink International Travel Insurance to share six set locations of your favourite flicks.

If you want to visit the places where your favorite movies were shot, check out this post which reveals six filming locations for several hot new releases. When you’re in love with a film, familiarising yourself with its real life background and locations first hand can be a rewarding experience, and these days a lot of cinephiles include visiting set locations into their travel goals. Now if you’re like them, here are some ideas of where you can drive or fly to next, for you coming vacation.

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1. Deadpool movie

If you haven’t seen Deadpool yet, you better head to the cinemas to catch it. It’s seriously funny. But if you’ve seen it already, then for sure you’ve been amazed by the car chase and the fighting stunts on the road during the first several minutes. This epic scene was set up at the Georgia Street Viaduct in Vancouver (pictured above). For two weeks, the production team closed this viaduct that was built from 1913 to 1915. And that busy street where the disfigured hero was moping and following his ex-girlfriend around? It was in Chinatown/Downtown Eastside, also in Vancouver.

2. The Jungle Book movie

John Favreau, the director of the 2016 The Jungle Book picture, said that the amazing forests and rivers and plains were actually all done in CGI in downtown Los Angeles, California. But if you really want your family to enjoy the classic tale, you can bring them to the old house of the book’s author, Rudyard Kipling. The house is called Bateman’s, and it is located in Burwash, East Sussex, England. They have a remarkable number of heritage and art collections, and they offer different places to stay, like holiday cottages, campsites, bed and breakfasts, and bothies and bunkhouses.

3. Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie

America has some of the most beautiful campuses in the world, and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice just used Michigan State University to shoot some of their scenes. It is a sprawling campus from east Lansing, Michigan, filled with curving roads, plentiful trees, and Collegiate Gothic architecture. They also captured the Gotham vs. Metropolis football game at the East Los Angeles College in Monterey Park, California.

4. Captain America: Civil War movie

This is one of the most anticipated films of the year. There’s still time to visit their filming locations, such as the Olympic Stadium in Berlin. Called Olympiastadion, it was originally built by Werner March for the 1936 Summer Olympics. Captain America: Civil War also had scenes at the Leipzig/Halle Airport in Schkeuditz.

Berlin’s Olympic Stadium by: Stacey MacNaught

5. Warcraft movie

Fans of the video game will love the visuals of Warcraft. With its grandeur however, it is hard to imagine that this particular picture was filmed at any natural location. Shooting the movie and post production were made at the Canadian Motion Picture Park Studios in Vancouver.

6. Independence Day: Resurgence movie

Considering how epic the first movie was, it is not surprising that a follow-up Independence Day: Resurgence came to light. They went all out in creating this masterpiece as they have shot scenes in the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

If you love any of the films we’ve listed here, make sure to check out these places and get back to us in the comments section.

Feature photo by Colin Knowles.

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