From hiking through dense forests, to visiting monasteries, cave and canyons, it’s all possible during an autumn trip to Armenia. Local expert Arpi Kazaryan shares her four favourite places to visit.

Armenia is a small and cozy country of the South Caucasus. It is beautiful and attractive all the year round, however, today we’d like to tell you about probably the most pleasant season here which locals call «golden autumn».

As summer yields place for autumn, sometime in early October Armenian nature starts to transform and leaves on the trees turn yellow, red and brown creating a fairytale landscape. The weather is mild and warm, the sun is shining, however, there is no such unbearable heat as in summer and the rainy days are few. This time of the year you wouldn’t want to leave Armenia.

Today we’ve chosen top four destinations in Armenia where you will be able to fully enjoy all the colors of this fairy season. All the places mentioned below are easy accessible from Yerevan – the capital of Armenia. You can take the public transport or a taxi and have a nice trip. However, if you want to have a fully orginized trip with meals and accommodation we advise contacting local tour operators and booking a tour to Armenia.


Dilijan resort town is an excellent destination for autumn holidays. It is located in Tavush region, on the banks of Aghstev River and is surrounded with lush forests and mountains. In autumn all the nature here changes its colors and this cozy town turns into a fairy tale! During your holiday be sure to stroll around the historical part of the town and get acquainted with the traditional architectural style typical to the 19-th century. Just north of the town, there is an amazing small Lake Parz – the gem of the Dilijan National Park. Spend a pleasant time on the river bank and then take a small path that leads to Gosh village through the dense forest. This is a famous hiking itinerary which will let you fully enjoy all the bright colors of golden autumn in Armenia.



Ijevan town is another beautiful and attractive place of Tavush region. It is located at the foot of the Ijevan Ridge on both banks of the Aghstev River. The nature here is so inspiring! Just imagine: the velvet wooded hills, the alpine meadows, the relaxing noise of the flowing river. About 60 % of all Armenian forests are concentrated exactly in this region. There are oak trees, ash trees, beeches, wild cherry, wild plump and wild pear trees. Just imagine how beautiful the town and its surroundings are in autumn season! Ijevan doesn’t have any special ancient sights, however, it is famous for the Botanical Garden where a huge number of unique plant varieties are exhibited.


Goris town is located in Syunik region and is surrounded by mysterious caves and rocks. It is a small cozy town of red roofs – probably, the most beautiful of Syunik region. There are no many important sights in the town itself, however, its surroundings are worth a visit. First, we should mention the cave town of Khndozresk which is located 8 km away from Goris. It was one of the largest villages of that region till 2007. Then we necessarily advise you going to Tatev Monastery – the pearl of Armenian medieval architecture. You can get to the monastery by the cable car which is the longest in the world and is included into the Guinness Book of Records. You will fly over the deep picturesque Vorotan canyon and enjoy the autumn colors of surrounded forests.



Areni is a village of Vayots Dzor region located in the valley of the Arpa River. This small place has got a fame due to its fine local wines which are produced from the local Areni grapes grown in the adjacent vineyards. For local wine degustation, you can visit Areni Wine factory and taste several kinds of local grape wines as well as some fruit wines and peach and apricot tincture. We can also advise visiting Areni Caves where due to archaeological excavations was found one of the oldest wineries in the world. If your trip to Areni village will take place in October you will be lucky to take part in Wine Festival during which all the guest will learn interesting traditions of winemaking.


If that’s not inspiration enough check out Urban Travel Blog’s cycling tour of some of Armenia’s most scenic monasteries.

7 thoughts on “Autumn in Armenia: Top 4 Destinations to Visit

  1. Last autumn I visited this beautiful country with my friends, so we have a little camping experience. It was really cool! I want to say, that Armenia is the best country which has high wonderful mountains, clean lakes and air! It was very useful and wonderful vacation.

  2. Armenia have a lot of beautiful places espesially at an autumn period! Unfortunately, we hadn’t enough time for travel to these awesome towns, but really it was great experience. Next year, my family wanna visit vine festival at Areni village.)))

  3. Recently we visited Armenia for short business trip. Our break time we use for travel to Dilijan. Definitely autumn colors are wonderful here. Our next upcoming visit we will use to visit Areni. I hope it will be nice as well.

  4. Armenia seems to be underrated in terms of camping, but it is a really nice place to camp in and explore. My friends and I went on a camping trip there and absolutely loved it! Beautiful surroundings, emerald-green forests, very friendly and welcoming local people. They helped us a lot. We had an amazing time and will definitely go back to Armenia next summer!

  5. I adore this country! Armenian weather is just wonderful- very warm and sunny even in September. I’m a fan of historical places, so I had a great opportunity to visit Dilijan and, of course, the capital – Yerevan. The nature is very beautiful, all these mountains and lakes… If you want some exotics in your life, that’s the place for you:)

  6. When my cousin invited me to Armenia to camp, I was a little sceptic about it. However, I went there and didn’t regret at all! We were surrounded by beautiful woodlands and had a lot of fun. If you want to immerse in nature, you should go camping to Armenia. I consider going there again. It’s totally worth it.

  7. I heard a lot about Armenia. There are many churches and beautiful buildings. I would love to visit her with my family. I think it’s especially beautiful in autumn.
    The nature becomes beautiful and bright.

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