The last decade has seen a massive rise in independent travel, but if you have limited time and resources for planning your trip an all inclusive vacation can still be the best way to go. First Choice reports…

There’s lots of different ways to enjoy a holiday. Some people live and die by city breaks, others like to take the opportunity to get closer to nature. But for many of us a holiday is a chance to get away from it all and relax, and one of the best ways to do this is by taking an all-inclusive break.

If you’ve never been on an all-inclusive holiday before then you might have been put off by the cost, but in truth they are much more affordable than you think. There are also lots of other advantages as well, and here are some of them:

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Image by Traveloscopy, used under Creative Commons license

It can end up saving you money

It may seem counter-intuitive, but choosing an all-inclusive holiday can save you money in comparison to your average break. This is because you pay up front therefore meaning you don’t have to spend any money on food and drink while you are away. In fact, going all in can mean the only thing you end up spending any cash on are presents for the people back home!

While all-inclusive holidays are more expensive up front, you have to factor in the amount of spending money you need on a typical vacation. This isn’t just money for gifts, but money for everything beyond your flights and accommodation. With all inclusive travel its already covered.

 Image by ksantome, used under Creative Commons license.
Image by ksantome, used under Creative Commons license.

It cuts down on stress

We’ve all had that feeling on holiday when we might have splurged a little too much and have to rein in the spending. With all inclusive as everything is already paid for you have no fear of looming bills. This means you don’t have to worry about budgeting at all while you are away, and aren’t holidays about relaxing?

It doesn’t just cover consumables

Increasingly all-inclusive packages are covering more than just your food and drink. This means other activities like day trips, use of facilities like gyms, and even spa treatments can be included. Of course individual packages vary, but with a bit of careful searching you can find a holiday that has everything you want to do already paid for before you take off!

It can take you anywhere

All-inclusive resorts are not the preserve of any one part of the globe. These types of holiday are found everywhere, from Thailand to Aruba, and Costa Rica to Croatia. Whether you fancy a Caribbean adventure, Mediterranean relaxation, or East Asian romance, you’ll find an all-inclusive deal that has it covered.

Everything is in one place

Some holidays are about action-packed discovery. While exploring small villages miles from the beaten track and trekking through the mountains to seek out hidden gems you read about on a forum online is great, sometimes you want a little luxury on hand. This is what you’ll find at an all-inclusive resort. Everything you need is in one place. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t usually plenty of variety available either. Most all-inclusive resorts offer a range of eateries on site meaning you can try different foods while still offering a distinctive taste of the part of the world you’re in. As well as activities and events most nights perfect for letting your hair down and meeting other guests.

It isn’t all about buffet food either

Your image of all-inclusive dining might include buffet meal after buffet meal. While this offers a great way to enjoy a breakfast, you’ll find that more often than not your resort will have a number of à la carte dining options included in the price. This not only keeps things interesting, it also adds a little extra formal luxury to your stay.

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