If you’re travelling in a large group of people, hiring a coach to your destination can be the most affordable way of getting there. Plus it’s also better for the environment. Charterbus.com talk us through the benefits…

Planning a trip via group travel may seem stressful and complicated. After all, you have to ensure that everyone shows at the allotted place and meeting time and has information related to the itinerary. It can also be a hassle meeting everyone’s specific needs and accommodations. But letting someone do the driving for you through a group bus charter can be a more cost-effective approach to getting to your destination. Whether you’re traveling for pleasure, church event, wedding, business or a sports team, traveling in large numbers can also take a lot of the weight off your shoulders when someone else arranges your excursion.

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Airlines in recent years have begun charging customers for everything from carry-on bags to special seating. With flight prices continuing to skyrocket, you may have to tweak your budget through stacking discounts. Although a plane may allow you to arrive faster, the costs for each additional expense can quickly add up. When you secure your group travel ticket via charter bus, you’ll be happy to know that all costs are included in the original price of your ticket.


Traveling to different destinations allows you the chance to see exciting places. But securing plans and scheduling your trip can be very challenging. A charter bus rental is the perfect way to travel by gathering everyone together in one setting and under a single reservation. This takes away the worry of travelers becoming late or misplaced. The spacious storage and seating within the vehicle, allows you to accommodate large groups. With room to breathe, and you’re luggage safely secure, you can enjoy your upcoming trip.

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No Parking Costs

One of the best things about group travel via bus is you don’t have to worry about parking fees. If you’re traveling to places such as New York, you’ll be able to forego costly parking garages that you’d normally have to pay when sightseeing. You also won’t have to pay exorbitant fees like you would for airport parking.

Opportunities for Discounts

If you’ve spent months saving for a trip, you want to spend your money wisely. When you schedule group travel via bus, you’ll find more specials and discounts that can make for a cost-effective trip. From student and military to senior citizen and group discounted rates, the possibilities are endless. You may also be able to secure special rates on fares if you travel certain days or to specific destinations.

Low-Cost Day and Multi-Day Excursions

Traveling to places you’ve never been before can be exciting, even if you schedule a short getaway. But if you were to take a two-day trip via plane, you’ll pay more money in travel expenses alone than you would via traveling via bus. Whether you’re up for a quick excursion or a 7-day trip, you can create special memories through a group travel charter adventure.

Safer Travel Without the Added Costs

If you’re traveling via car or plane, you may purchase additional insurance expenses related to your trip. But passengers can feel at ease knowing that they’re using one of the safest methods of transportation without the hefty liability and insurance costs attached to your adventure. With the knowledgeable and well-screened drivers, you can rest assured that you’ll get to your destination safely and without the added aggravation and stress that comes through other traveling avenues.

Less Money, Better for the Environment

Bus rental prices for groups are more affordable than you may think, especially because you’re all sharing in the costs of the trip. As a matter of fact, the prices are less costly per person than any other method of transportation. If you want to sightsee, dine at fancy restaurants or purchase souvenirs, this leaves you plenty of money left over to spend on your trip. In addition, traveling via group charter is better for the environment because it uses less fuel than if you would fly or drive your car separately.

Additional Free Amenities

Comfort, style and peace of mind are just some of the positives for group travel via charter bus. You may also find onboard restrooms, reclining seats, Wi-Fi, reading lights, DVD players and climate control settings at no additional cost.
Planning a trip takes a lot of careful planning, especially if your excursion is for your school, business, church or family organization. If you’re looking to save money on transportation, the above reasons will show you why taking a bus for your next group trip can be a money saving experience.

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