With three Blue Flag beaches and 315 days of sun a year, the popularity of Benidorm endures, especially for the sun-starved Brits. Here come Holiday Hypermarket with their guide to the famous Spanish beach resort…

Benidorm is located in the South-East part of Spain and is exceptionally popular with holidaymakers from the United Kingdom. Due to its highly renowned nightlife, cheap cost of food and accommodation, as well as its consistently good weather throughout many months of the year, Benidorm has been a popular destination for decades, and is even more attractive today as air travel has become considerably less expensive. If you are lucky enough to be in a position of booking a holiday to Benidorm in the near future, then this short and helpful guide should be an excellent aid for you!

View back over the bay. Photo by: Stephen.

Never A Dull Moment In Benidorm

It’s a fact that many beach holidays to traditional locations around the world have largely become very similar in their offerings, and thus a little bit on the predictable and boring side. With holidays to Benidorm you can say good bye to boring beach vacations because the destination boasts of world-class resorts excellent entertainment facilities and a myriad of other fine attractions. Whilst the natural landscape of rocky hills and sea is spectacular, Benidorm also has a large number of exciting man-made attractions within the resort, which has helped it gain an edge in an already crowded holiday market. These include entertainment attractions such as Levi’s Showboat, Mundomar and Festilandia.

Best Benidorm Places For British Residents

Benidorm has a very strong connection with British holidaymakers, with even a British-produced TV program being set on location there. Hundreds of thousands fly out from Britain to Spain every year to enjoy their vacations here. With this influx of Brits, as you can imagine, there are a number of specialist attractions, restaurants and bars which prove especially popular with the UK contingent. These include Yorkshire Pride One, which serves delicious English food such as Sunday roasts and fish’n’chips. Indeed for those wanting to enjoy a British-style night out, there are plenty more options, including Morgans Tavern and Bar Domino.


Benidorm is a first-class holiday location. It is perfectly suited to the majority of British tastes, with plenty of British food and nightlife available for all. By using the attractions mentioned in the paragraphs above as a starting point, you are guaranteed to get your vacation off to a fantastic start!

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