For some it’s an addiction, for others it’s a once in a life time experience to be cherished forever… however you do it, do it right by selecting one of the world’s best locations to skydive from.

If you’re going to jump out of a plane, you want the experience to count among your most treasured memories. You could look up your nearest regional provider, but instead of using a local service, we’d highly recommend heading to one of these gorgeous destinations, so you get as much pleasure as possible from this unique experience…

If you’re going do it, do it right… (Photo credit Flawedartist).

Waialua, Hawaii

Whether you’re interested in a solo trip or you want to try tandem skydiving, Hawaii offers many beautiful jump spots. In particular, Waialua offers a spectacular view of O’ahu’s North Shore. Since Honolulu and the surrounding environs offer plenty of tourist activities, you can fit skydiving in among shopping, dining, and beachcombing.

Clear skies, predictable weather, and abundant skydiving outfitters make Waialua a top choice, whether you’ve been skydiving more times than you can count or this is your first jump. Many companies offer video and photography packages to make sure you preserve the memory.

Interlaken, Switzerland

Nobody wants to miss the opportunity to skydive with views of four different countries as well as the Swiss Alps. Even during the summer months, you’ll enjoy snow-covered vistas as your backdrop while you drop from the plane. Since this area enjoys a reputation for adventure and extreme sports, you can trust the companies in Interlaken to ensure your safety in all conditions.

Before you take a skydiving trip abroad, however, consider getting a MedjetHorizon membership. The company arranges for flights between hospitals if you get injured, which gives you extra protection while you’re skydiving overseas. It also offers crisis response protection and other safety benefits.

Descending back down to earth. (Photo credit: cranky kat).

Livingstone, Zambia

Victoria Falls, the world’s largest waterfall, serves as the focal point of skydiving in Livingstone, Zambia. The unbeatable view includes the majestic Zambezi River as well as the Falls themselves, which stretch 5,604 feet along the river. The waterfall is also 354 feet tall, so you can’t miss this lovely vista, even if you’re falling through the air toward the ground.

If you’re interested in more daredevil adventures, take a dip in the devil’s pool. It’s a natural lake-type formation right at the edge of the falls. As long as you can keep yourself away from the rocky edge, you won’t risk a dangerous drop over the edge.

Pattaya, Thailand

Maybe you want to give skydiving a try, but you’re looking for a relatively safe opportunity that promises a soft landing. Head to Pattaya, Thailand, where skydivers land in soft grasses that overlook the coast. You’ll jump with a trained instructor who can prepare you for the experience and ensure your safety from the jump to the landing.

Plus, Pattaya offers gorgeous views. You can see Nong Nooch Gardens from the air as well as the Sanctuary of Truth. You’re only about an hour from Bangkok, so you can make Pattaya a day trip or stay overnight, depending on your preferences.

Now that you’re familiar with some of the best places in the world to skydive, start making your travel arrangements. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself falling through the air and experiencing the world from an entirely new angle.

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