Invited author, Maite Mugica, takes a look at how we can get the most bang for our travel buck in 2017, by revealing not only the most affordable months to fly but also when to book for the best deals…

2017: Here’s to feeling the adrenaline, excitement, relaxation and overall happiness of travelling. Let’s be honest; if you’re a true wanderluster, or simply just an avid traveller, the exhilarating sensation of stepping foot in a new destination is quite a unique sensation. One minute you’re in your daily, ho-hum routine, and the next minute you’re thousands of meters up in the air, floating along clouds with a bird’s eye view of the world and just strides away from a smooth landing, central focus, into a new place waiting to be explored.

Chances are, if you relate to the aforementioned traveller’s spirit, the number one resolution on your list this year is simply, “travel more”. If so, what better way is there to start the New Year than with an exciting flight to an exotic, never-before travelled-to destination? My thoughts exactly, which is why the better part of my holiday break was spent piecing together ideas and inspiration from travel blogs and Instagram images of majestic landscapes, cool Uneseco world heritage destinations and mouth-watering culinary creations.

The good news is, more so than ever before, the means to travel and discover new places is becoming more viable, thanks to cheap flight offers from low cost and major airlines and last minute travel packages.

But how exactly can you ensure the most bang for your travel buck? Like all travel addicts, I too, cling to holiday offers, free miles and airline upgrades in the hopes to get the cheapest travel deal possible. This process however, can be tedious (let’s recall the not-so joyous act of setting up fare alerts and stalking online sites for a decent travel deal). Luckily the guess work has been removed, in a study by, an online travel agency who’s released Opodo’s best time to book.

Chock full of data and insights from all return flights departing from the UK between November 2015 and October 2016, this study not only reveals tips on booking the cheapest flights, but also specifies the best day of the week to purchase flight tickets, the cheapest month to fly and (bonus!) the top travel destinations for short haul, domestic and long haul flights (Yes, to finally visiting Hong Kong!).

Hong Kong calling…

So, when’s the best time to buy the cheapest flights?

The cheapest days of the week to buy: Saturday and Sunday. Surprisingly, buying flights on the weekend is an average of 4% cheaper, different info from the travel agency’s 2015 best time to book analysis, which revealed Tuesday as the cheapest day.

Another “mention worthy” result indicates the best time to purchase a cheap flight as September or October for an average savings of 10%. The hot ticket, giving customers the largest savings are on domestic flights (weekend break to London, anyone?) with an average savings of almost 14% when booking for September or October. Before you click the “book button” on your next adventure, be sure to check out all of the data in the Opodo study to get the best deal on your next trip.

Queuing up for cheap flights...
Queuing up for cheap flights…

It’s easy to see how one can be swept away by the desire to travel and discover. After all, inside all of us is an adventurer. Haven’t travelled in more than a few months? Dust off your passport, slip on your back pack and go explore. Now more than ever, it’s necessary to unwind, disconnect from the mundane 9-5 and declare yourself citizen of the world by discovering all of the wonders that lie beyond the airport terminal of your next destination. Here’s wishing all of us a bon voyage and happy travels in 2017.

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