Different seasons for different reasons! We ask Imagine Cruising to give their advice on the best time to get on board a boat and see the world through the course of some of its famous waterways…

One of the best things about going on river cruising holidays is that you can go at any time of the year. As seasons take place at a different time all over the world, it really depends on where you want to go, what type of weather you’re after and what kind of holiday you want it to be. River cruising gives you the flexibility to choose where you want to go but removes the hassle of having to plan each part of your journey. As this unique mode of travel is available all year round, any time is a great time to go – it’s all down to your personal preferences. In case you need any help deciding on what your preferences are, we’ve got a few covered for you…

Experience warm weather on a Nile cruise. (Photo by dustinpsmith).

Adults Only

The easiest solution to this would be going when the kids are still in school. This has the added benefit of big tourist attractions being naturally quieter too. So you’ll be able to wander around Rome without the same hoards of crowds that will be there for the summer holidays or relax on a beautiful beach without worrying you’re going to trample over a sandcastle. You’ll also be able to wander around your cruise ship that will have substantially fewer children on board – the only distraction should be your beautiful surroundings.

Avoiding The Cold

Winter sun is something that many of us pine for. If you live in the colder areas such as the UK, summer often seems so far away in the winter months (and that’s if it ever happened, to begin with!), so why not bring summer to you? The Canary Islands have year round sun if you want a shorter cruise. If you want something a bit more exciting, you ought to check out an African cruise. The sun is almost guaranteed, and the wildlife will be amazing!

Family Orientated

On a regular holiday, it can be incredibly difficult to keep the children entertained. You have to plan everything within an inch of its life and make sure there are activities throughout the day. On a river cruise, however, you don’t need to worry. There’s plenty to do on board, and because you’ll be visiting more than just one place there’s even more to do on shore. Obviously, if you want to make the most of the break, it would be best to go during the summer holidays as you can book a bigger chunk in one go.

Embracing the Cold

There is something magical about the winter, and what better way to embrace and enjoy the cold then taking a cruise to the cities with the best Christmas markets? Your cruise could get you to the Austrian Christmas markets, or to the picturesque city of Prague to see it in all its beauty in the snow. There could also be the chance to see some migrating wildlife from onboard the ship!

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