London’s Underground may be famous, but it’s certainly not the most comfortable way to see the city – especially in rush hour! Total Chauffeurs explain the benefits of taking a private, chauffeur-driven tour of the English capital…

London! What can you say about it? It’s one of the moist vibrant and beautiful cities in the world, boasting some of the world’s most famous landmarks and beloved artistic achievements.

Visiting London is an amazing experience for all members of the family, but seeing everything the city has to offer is no easy feat. On the contrary, it can be difficult, and if not properly planned, even a stressful experience.

You might find you and your family rushing from one place to another in a desperate attempt to cram all your viewing experiences into a tight schedule. Negotiating the city’s maze of museums, landmarks and famous restaurants and bars is not as easy as it sounds, even with Google Maps for guidance.

Big Ben with the London Eye in the background. Photo by Tim Morris

There are many forms of public transport that allow you to get around London, but why make yourself feel cramped and uncomfortable on the underground when you can travel the city in the style and comfort that only a chauffeur service can provide?

Professional chauffeurs know London inside and out, and will get you from one location to another swiftly, directly and without hassle. Just think of all the time you’ll save!

Why wander through crowds of tourists when you can be escorted directly to amazing historical sights like the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben?

If you’re a motorist yourself, you’ll find that being driven around London to be a great relief from the worry of incurring congestion charges and parking fines during your stay. All chauffeured journeys are pre-planned and ensure that easily accessible parking spaces are available ahead of time, no matter what area of the city you visit.

Finding your way around can be very frustrating, especially when you have children to look after. Dragging little ones around a busy city can be daunting, and they are likely to get tired and easily irritable. But when kids get to relax in the comfort of a luxury car, such as a limousine or a luxury Bentley, the spacious seats and plenty of in-car entertainment will keep them amused and comfortable.

Travelling in a chauffeured car also means that you’ll have a place to store all the wonderful mementos you buy, and it won’t matter if you make more purchases than you can carry because the safe and roomy vehicles provided offer ample storage space.

You can also arrange for a professional driver to pick you up from the airport if you’re flying into the country. Booking a reliable Heathrow chauffeur to meet you at the airport terminal will greatly reduce the stress of catching a taxi to your hotel after landing.

An experienced driver with plenty of local knowledge will also be able to guide you to many lesser known destinations often overlooked by conventional tour guides, such as quaint restaurants and areas of natural beauty. This will give you the chance to see a side of London away from the major metropolis areas.

A chauffeur does for more than simply drive their clients around though, offering additional benefits such as helping to arrange tickets to see London’s most iconic tourist attractions. These services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Communication between you and your driver couldn’t be easier. For example, if you decide to go off and explore an area of the city without planning beforehand, all you need to do is call them to arrange an alternative meeting point of your choice.

Hiring a chauffeur service for London tours is the finest way to travel the city. Visit now to book your luxury tour of the capital.

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