Supporters of the Moto GP, Hertz Car Hire have created their ‘Beyond The Track’ guides to help motor sports enthusiasts make the most of their travels. In this post they introduce UTB readers to Valencia, one of five European cities on the Moto GP circuit in 2014.

Valencia is Spain’s third largest city after Madrid and Barcelona and this Mediterranean port city is renowned for being steeped in history. There are many things that tourists can do in Valencia, from discovering the many sights of the old town by day, to sampling the infamous Spanish nightlife by night. The city is also host to many festivals, cultural events and special occasions throughout the year, so if you are planning on visiting it is worth looking to see whether there are some events on that you may want to take part in. Here are some highlights to keep in mind:

Plaza de Toros in Valencia, by: Juanedc

Las Fallas

What started as a feast for St. Joseph has become a five day long celebration in Spain. Las Fallas attracts visitors from all over the world to experience its amazing festival. What makes this festival unique is the fact that giant puppets are made and paraded through the streets and then burned.

La Tomatina 

This is an event that may seem strange to many, but it is actually loads of fun. For one morning only, the small town of Buñol in Valencia indulges in the world’s greatest tomato fight. No one is completely sure how the food fight began but it attracts different people from different countries who want to join in. There are rules such as not bringing bottles and squishing the tomatoes before you throw them amongst a few more.

Moto GP

Circuit de Valencia is known for being a tough track, it boasts numerous corners and tight bends making any Moto GP exciting to watch. Hertz have made ‘Beyond the track’, an interactive infographic offering you some information of what else there is to do if you are planning on visiting the area.

Bioparc Valencia

This is an amazing zoological park which allows you to see many different animals including, lions, elephants and great apes. The park is dedicated to the conservation of the animals as well as education and awareness. It is a great place to spend the day at.

Valencia has many others things which are worth visiting, so with a little bit of research you can find things which should suit the kind of holiday you are after. Overall the city has loads to do for people who are looking for some enjoyment and who want to experience new things whilst on holiday.

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