Need some downtime, but no room in the agenda for a full-on two week detox? The folk from Great Little Breaks argue the case for booking a short stay around the UK…

In order to get a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, everyone should feel entitled to take the get away that he or she deserves once in a while. The daily office grind can be stressful for even those who love their jobs, as can taking care of the family on a day to day basis. Whilst a full two week decompression on a Thai beach having your feet massaged as you sip exotic cocktails might be the “in-an-ideal-world” solution, that’s not always possible – but there are still plenty of benefits for enjoying a bit of downtime nearer to home. Rather than letting the stress build up, scheduling a city break in one of the UK’s premier destinations allows one to unwind and enjoy all that the UK has to offer. 

Schedule a Short Break

When there is only time for a short break in a busy schedule a couple might choose to take a romantic weekend away in order to reconnect and relax, perhaps factoring in a gourmet or pampering element into proceedings. The UK has an amazing array of wonderful hotels, oozing history and romance, which can provide the perfect base for a short breaks, many of which also offer packages that great dinners as well as other relaxing activities like spa treatments, tours or even gastronomic workshops. Check out the Gidleigh Park spa suite for something very special! Adding a personal touch will create a break that is also memorable as well as rejuvenating.

The rather sumptuous Gidleigh Park Spa Suite

Escape the Holiday Rush

Winter time can be particularly stressful with the holidays being hectic and demanding, and the cold and often damp weather adding to a sense of doom and gloom. Why not take a Christmas break that allows you to get away and relax while others are running about in a frenzy? As they are doing this, you could be enjoying one of the UK City Breaks packages at the Wiltshire Christmas Market that provide some of the most relaxing accommodations available. You will be able to enjoy an English breakfast that is served at a cosy inn just off the Avon River, whilst appreciating the grandeur of the 13th century environment that surrounds you. You will even be greeted at the inn with a delicious mince pie when you arrive. This is going to be a break that exceeds your expectations and makes your getaway memorable.

A more enjoyable build up to Christmas!

Enjoy Hotel Breaks

A hotel break can be the best break possible to unwind and do away with the stress. One might consider places such as Cardiff-Angel Hotel or the Daventry Court Hotel in order to enjoy a couple of nights away from home to partake in great meals, superior accommodation, countryside gardens and so much more. It is amazing what just two nights away from your ordinary life can do to improve your outlook. Sightseeing or shopping can be enjoyed on a hotel break… or simply doing nothing may be the activity of choice! 

Major Attraction Breaks

Building your trip around a major attractions is another option to consider. For example, a family may choose to visit The Deep Aquarium in Hull where you can see sharks and sawfish to name but a few of the 3500 fish on display. This will be a break that is both enjoyable as well as educational. Another splendid option might be the West Midland’s Safari Park which is home to over 600 wildlife animals including a pride of magnificent white lions. This is a great family break experience that any parents would be proud to provide their family. If mum or dad are looking for a great theme park, they will want to book his break at Drayton Manor which is the best family theme park the UK has to offer. It includes kids’ rides, a family zoo and thrill rides as well. Hotel accommodation is included and within close proximity. 

Take the kids to see the lions

Planning a break is easy when choosing Great Little Breaks to help with the planning process. Check out their website for more info on some of the above mentioned hotels and short stay options.

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