Mainstream tourism vs. alternative travel: it’s an age old debate. In this travel info post our invited author makes the case for the latter… even if you’re travelling with kids!

No matter where you go in the world, there are sure to be attractions you want to see. From the Eiffel Tower in France to London’s Big Ben you won’t be short of choice, but how about heading off the beaten track and experiencing less-explored sites? Being different from other tourists and making your own itinerary could turn an average trip into the best holiday you’ve ever taken and here are just a few reasons why:

You’ll avoid the crowds

With travel companies like Tots Too offering a wide range of family-friendly holidays, getting away with your kids has never been easier. There are many places to discover across the globe but rather than head to typical tourist hotspots, why not be a little more adventurous and head to lesser-known sites? Not only will you avoid large crowds of over-excited holidaymakers, you’re sure to make memories that’ll stay with you forever.

Far away from the crowds. Photo by: Sankara Subramanian

You’ll see untouched beauty

While bustling cities and epic skyscrapers can be both mesmerising and inspiring, sometimes it’s refreshing to stay away from man-made sculptures and experience nature at its best – after all many countries are blessed with natural beauty and scenic splendour that’s often missed by sightseers too busy to look up from their guidebooks. And, if you want to see some of the best sights in the world, try speaking to the locals as they’re sure to point you in the right direction.

You’ll scratch beneath the surface

When you visit a popular tourist destination, there’s a high chance you’re not seeing the ‘real’ country. Many of these sights are just popular money-makers and while they can be fun to explore, going off the beaten track will help you scratch beneath the surface and find out what the country you’re visiting is really like – minus the fake smiles, over-friendly ticket touts and loud, aggressive tourists. Visiting a local fishing village or a family-run eatery, for instance, could reveal a lot about the culture of a certain place and will help you see the place from a different angle. You might even get to sample some of the world’s most sought after food at a restaurant that’s not in any guide book.

A young child learns photography! Photo by: muha…

You can make your own rules

Many popular attractions open and close at certain times meaning you have to schedule your day correctly to avoid missing them. Similarly, group holidays and tours often have many rules and restrictions, so if operating to a tight schedule and fitting in with what others are doing doesn’t appeal, heading off into the distance might be more your thing. If you decide to go to a particular place and love it, you can stay there for as long as you want without having to be rounded back onto a bus or rushed to finish your coffee. Moreover, you can change your plans as and when suits you without anyone complaining.
There are many benefits to travelling off the beaten track, so grab your hiking boots and camera and see what’s out there.

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