Have you graduated from higher education in the last two years? Then check out this unmissable chance to gain invaluable work experience, to volunteer – and to travel the world – with AXA insurance.

If you had the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world (for free!), where would you go? What adventures would be on your travel bucket list?

Would it be zip-lining through the Costa Rican jungle? Learning to meditate with Tibetan monks? Swimming with sea turtles in the Galapagos? T​aking a boat ride down the Ganges?​ Losing yourself in Petra’s ancient ​metropolis? T​he opportunities are literally endless.

So that’s why we’re particularly jealous of Brit William Moore who is currently on the trip of his lifetime, thanks to AXA. William beat over 25,000 students and graduates to win the Great Global Adventure;​ the chance to travel the world for 8 months as well as complete two internships at AXA`s worldwide offices and an international volunteering project.

Will started his adventure in September 2015 and has already traveled to Hong Kong, China, Mongolia and Russia. He’s walked along the Great Wall of China, made friends with Russian soldiers on board the T​rans-­Mongolian railway, ridden huskies in Siberia, a​te stinky tofu in Hong Kong and so much more. And it’s not over yet. 2016 will see him travel to Indonesia, Oceania and South America. Check out Will’s adventure via his Instagram page h​ere.​

But it’s not all fun and games

AXA’s Great Global Adventure is a bit different to other travel competitions of its kind as it incorporates the opportunity to work and volunteer as well as travel. So many students and grads want to travel before/after university but miss out on valuable work experience opportunities, so this game is a great way to incorporate both.

During his epic travel adventure, William has already completed one internship at AXA Investment Managers Hong Kong office for five weeks with the Sales & Marketing team. William has also volunteered with AXA’s CR partners. Here he is with a group of students from the Prestasi Junior Indonesia Program that teaches local students about finance and entrepreneurship.

Don`t miss your chance to win the trip of a lifetime!

Don`t miss your chance to win the trip of a lifetime! For your chance to play the Great Global Adventure 2016 game, AXA`s website here. And hurry – the competition re-opens in February 2016! Let the game begin!

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