For many travellers Paris is simply the best city in the world… so the challenge then is to find accommodation worthy of the city! Who better to ask than the reservations experts at, who count down five of the very best luxurious digs in the French capital right here…

Visiting the capital of France has always been a dream of any romantic person. People from all over the world come to Paris every year, usually taking their loved ones with them to enjoy the unique atmosphere of “The City of Light”. Of course, visiting iconic sights like the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe is top of any first time visitor’s agenda, but we all know that after a day of active tourism, everything comes down to your experience in your chosen accommodation. In Paris, a city of style, romance and fine-living, it really should be a special, so let us introduce a list of the best luxury hotels Paris offers.

Every establishment on this list may be found on the Internet, on specialist websites such as on, where you can book your rooms beforehand. It’s a good practice for anyone, because when you’re planning a romantic vacation in Paris, you don’t want any unpleasant surprises. That’s exactly why people prefer the handy guides or websites with customer feedback. Our list of Paris luxury hotels is based on both – testimonials and official information.

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1. Hotel Castille Paris

This hotel occupies a building of the 18th century, making it a historical place by itself. The 5-stars and quite a high price are not only formalities – it’s a truly luxurious facility. Spending a night here will make one feel himself part of the French royal family of old. Hotel Castille Paris only offers 106 rooms, a number too small maybe, but the quality of accommodation will compensate anything. They’re a true quintessence of luxury. The 24/7 room service will provide the guests with anything they’d ever need, even if it’s not really available. There were moments, when special attendants were sent to different places around France to deliver something special, like a particular type of cheese or wine. People say there’s yet to see a better service than Hotel Castille Paris offers.

2. Le Mathurin Paris

Being quite a new hotel – barely 35 years old, it’s one of the best choices for those tourists, who value luxurious accommodation more than anything. All the rooms are set in a retro-style French décor, still integrating all modern conveniences in a perfect balance. If you decide to visit Le Mathurin Paris, you should definitely book your room beforehand, because there are only 35 of them. We should also mention the wonderful cuisine of the local restaurant, which is always praised in testimonials. The whole menu is also available for the room service, so you have all the chances for a romantic dinner without even going anywhere. The hotel is situated on one of the quiet little streets of Paris, making it even more comfortable for most guests.

3. Hilton Paris La Defence

The Hilton International Hotel Network has always been a paragon of luxury, especially in terms of business tourism. Though this place is said to be quite busy and crowded, it’s still in the list of top luxury hotels in Paris because of the quality of service it offers to the guests. In addition to 148 large rooms, Hilton Paris La Defence offers 10 conference halls, which gives us a good hint about how most of the guests spend their time there. The hotel can’t be called a romantic place, but when it comes to serious business trips and negotiations, nothing is better than a luxury Hilton place. All the facilities here are always kept on the highest level, because the guests’ requirements are also quite strict. Try out this 4-star hotel and success will surely come.

4. Hotel Intercontinental Paris Le Grand

When you hear the word “grand” you expect the hotel to be just at the top of the world. This 5-star luxurious marvel is not an exception – as long as you can afford it. Situated near the Louvre, this hotel is truly a symbol of the French opulence. Hotel Intercontinental Paris Le Grand offers 470 rooms of different sizes – all perfectly luxurious and clean. The staff is extremely polite and treats every guest like the French president himself. If you’re into places that make you feel like a VIP, then this astonishing hotel is just for you. The service is of the highest level itself – this is one of the rare hotels that don’t have any negative feedback, because most of the problems are solved immediately and any damage is compensated with sincere apologies.

5. Hotel De Crillon

This one is the choice of celebrities from all over the world and is truly one of the best luxury hotels in Paris. Built in the year 1909 on Place de la Concorde, it offers unique and astonishing views from each window. If something takes you to the 18th century and engulfs you in the atmosphere of that epoch, Hotel De Crillon is just it. Such world-known people as Madonna, the Pope, Dalai Lama and Michael Jackson chose this place to live when in Paris. It’s a sign of luxury as well as is the fact that the hotel is actually a 5-floor palace situated at one of the most picturesque place in the world. There is no doubt – any connoisseur of luxury will be totally satisfied with Hotel De Crillon. In fact the establishment is currently undergoing a two year restoration project and will reopen in spring 2015… although you might need to book even now to get a room!

This, of course, is not the end of our list of the best luxury hotels Paris France may offer you. But these five are the top of the line, the best of the best and perfect for any tourist who appreciates good old-fashioned luxury. The price may be high, but it’s always the same – you get what you pay for. France doesn’t really share the same “star confusion” as some other countries do. You know that some of the best 5-star hotels of some other countries would only be considered 3-star in Paris. That’s exactly why some luxury places are only 4-star hotels – they’re still everything one needs. Besides, they may just be trying to save money, because the tax fees are different – the more stars you have, the more money you have to pay.

Enjoy your stay in Paris and remember – whatever you’re there for, don’t forget to savor the unique atmosphere of this beautiful city. Spend as much as a day just walking around and seeing the world-famous places of interest. You don’t need to spend too long, but the memories will be with you forever and ever.

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