Whilst New Zealand has benefited from “Tolkien tourism”, and Dubrovnik is now overrun by Games of Thrones fans, the cruise industry has also benefited more than once from the silver screen effect, as our invited author discusses.

Forget ‘Speed 2’ and ‘The Poseidon Adventure’. They’re definitely not guaranteed to make people rush out for relaxation on the seas and book cruises any time soon. If you’re looking for cinematic inspiration then there are a few films that have caught the public’s imagination towards life on the open seas. Here’s a quick look at some of them, starting with one recent film franchise that reignited the public’s appetite towards sailing the seven seas…

Cruising the Caribbean

The holiday industry should rightfully give a nod towards the success of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ films for the renewed interested in cruises. Of course, the films have nothing to do with cruise ships — and everything to do with exploring the oceans and finding adventure in sun-drenched locations. The Caribbean is possibly the most popular cruise option available, featuring islands such as St Lucia, Jamaica, Barbados and Cuba. The beaches, waters and island interiors are a magnet for holidaymakers looking for some Caribbean fun.

A lone boat sailing in St. Lucia, by: Derek Hatfield

Love on the oceans

‘Titanic’ is probably one of the most romantic films ever made (although the RMS Titanic wasn’t actually a cruise ship but an ocean liner). Even though we all know the ending it can still be seen as an inspirational travel film, right up until that iceberg decides to spoil the fun. Many people see ocean travel as one of the most pleasurable experiences a couple can share. It has to be said, there’s nothing like viewing a new city or country from the deck of a ship. Dinner on board a ship, the ocean with a backdrop of stars at night and viewing the sun dipping below the horizon makes cruising that kind of holiday that just makes you even more closer to your soul mate.

The world’s favourite cruise ship…

‘The Love Boat’ was one of the most popular US television romantic comedies running from 1977 to 1986 and spawned two films as well as a second TV series in 1998. Set aboard a cruise liner, the show featured a regular cast list but had different guests appearing every week in episodes. The show regularly hit the top 10 most popular shows broadcast during its run. There can be no doubt the show contributed to an increase in the popularity of cruise holidays.

The wealth of films focussing on ocean disasters definitely hasn’t stopped holidaymakers booking cruise holidays. Millions of people each year take a cruise now and it’s one of the fastest growing sectors in the holiday industry. Captain Jack Sparrow as well as Jack and Rose may have delighted audiences on the screen, but you can bet cruise companies also rejoiced as they enraptured fans across the globe.

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