There are few better ways to learn about a country’s culture than through its cuisine. We invite India accommodation experts Tripzuki to highlight six hip hotels that also offer cooking lessons.

Finally, India’s hotels are waking up to the fact that western tourists not only love Indian food but now they want to cook it too!

Boutique hotel experts Tripzuki know a thing or two about the perfect trip, so if you’re looking to learn some Indian culinary skills on your next trip then look no further than this list: six of India’s best boutique hotels that also offer cookery classes.

Dera Mandawa in Jaipur, Rajasthan

This superbly run haveli in Jaipur is geared towards helping guests learn about and experience local traditions. The cookery class is hosted by Mrs Singh herself, and is a fun and enriching experience plus a great introduction to north Indian cuisine.


Siolim House in north Goa

One of Goa’s most loved boutique hotels, this colonial-era property also has Goa’s best cookery classes, hosted by local Goan matriarchs who will school you in the ins and outs of prawn curry (and countless others), and even take you hand-in-hand to the local fish market.


Marari Beach Resort in the Keralan backwaters

This place in the backwaters of Kerala is a small village in itself. There are a whole host of activities available, not least the superb, fun cookery class, which you can attend with self-picked veggies from the organic kitchen garden.


Raas in Jodhpur

One of ‘royal’ Rajasthan’s (and India’s) most striking hotels, Raas is a boutique, luxury property like no other. The cookery class is hosted by the resident chefs who will guide you through Mughlai and Rajasthani cuisine, teach you about the ingredients and techniques involved and help you prepare your own 4-course dinner.


Shanti Home in New Delhi

One of Delhi’s best small boutique hotels, Shanti is known for its rooftop terrace and kitchen which turns out some wonderfully succulent kebabs. Design your own cookery class with the in-house chefs and you can spend 4 hours learning about (and eating) your way through north Indian cuisine.


Samode Palace near Jaipur

The quintessential Raj-era grandeur of this hotel is more than enough reason to stay. However, guests that stay 3 nights+ receive a free cookery class, which considering the standard of things around here is yet another compelling reason to book that 4th day.


Of course it would be horribly unfair to parade all of these wonderful places to stay before you, along with the lip-smacking culinary classes they offer, without letting you know where you can book them. If you haven’t guessed by now you can find more details on all of the above residences on Tripzuki and you’ll find a link to the website at the start of this article.

Prepare to discover India through your taste buds!

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