It’s the city of Dickens, punk rock and Mary Poppins (to pick just three famous associations from thousands!), but how well do you know the UK capital and its iconic landmarks? Time to put yourself to the test!

Have you ever heard of “The Knowledge?” It’s the test that London taxi drivers are required to take in order to obtain a license to drive one of the city’s fêted “Hackney carriages” or black cabs. The test was initiated in 1865 and, according to wikipedia: the London taxicab driver is required to be able to decide routes immediately in response to a passenger’s request or traffic conditions, rather than stopping to look at a map, relying on satellite navigation or asking a controller by radio.

It is considered the most demanding taxi driver test in the world, and to have any chance of passing you will need to have spent days, months or even years driving on London’s streets getting to know every side road and back alley from Camden Town to Canary Wharf.

Well our test today is not quite that tough… but it will separate the potential cabbie from the casual tourist. Created by Hull Trains (more on them at the end of the article!), the quiz is a pretty tricky multiple choice assessment of how well you really know some of London’s most famous landmarks, vs. some pretty similar looking architectural greats from around the world. In other words it ain’t at all easy. Urban Travel Blog ourselves only scored a 6 out of 10… so surely you can beat that? (Feel free to post your score in the comments!).

This ten question quiz was created by Hull Trains – Hull’s local link to London and Britain’s best-loved rail operator. Hull Trains run a massive 90 direct services to London every single week, and offer savings of up to 60% on advance bookings – so if you hail from the North East of England and are feeling inspired to visit the capital, check out their offers. And maybe after visiting you’ll score better on the test!?

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