Cabaret is flourishing in Australia, and nowhere more so than in the hip and cultural city of Melbourne. We invite the renowned Dracula’s Theatre to reveal Oz’s latest obsession, including the artists, the festivals, and of course their own fang-tastic show…

Whether you’re a holiday maker planning a weekend jaunt or three-week adventure — or you’re a local Melbournian looking to explore your own backyard — Australia’s second-busiest city is much more than simply the home of the MCG, Luna Park and the famous Melbourne Cup.

Stately and picturesque, Melbourne (Victoria’s grand old dame) has a saucy side, believe it or not. A delightfully devilish sparkle that reveals itself as the sun goes down… And her skirts are hiked up. Grab yourself a good, stiff drink, ladies and gents, because it’s time explore Melbourne’s buxom, burlesque and booming cabaret scene.

Australian Cabaret

This type of tantalising entertainment has its roots in the French Bohemians of the late 19th Century and the iconic Moulin Rouge in Paris, a popular spot even to this day. But Australia is giving European cabaret a run for its money in the 21st Century.

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide all have their very own annual cabaret festivals (actually, Sydney has two) and each are less than five years old. But what they lack in experience they make up for in enthusiasm and a whole lot of tasselled and bedazzled fun. Celebrated Australian entertainers Kate Ceberano, Barry Humphries and Rhonda Burchmore – among others – have all played a role both on and off the stage. The festivals all take place between May and July, so pencil at least one in – no matter which city you’re in.

She blue me away! Photo from Melbourne Cabaret Festival’s Instagram

Here’s what the annual cabaret festival looks like in our home town…

Melbourne Cabaret Festival

Want to squeeze as much scintillating cabaret goodness into one week in Melbourne as humanly possible? Then be sure to pull up a chair for the annual Melbourne Cabaret Festival, which over the past five years grown to become an iconic Melbourne event every winter, evolving from a six night festival back in 2010 to a mammoth three-week glitz and glamour spectacular in 2014.

Featuring some of the best talent from across Australia and around the world, the festival is a celebrated for discovering and uncovering (and yes, exposing) new talent while thrilling audiences with a penchant for panties.

So keep your eyes peeled and your fishnets at the ready, it’s never too early to start planning for 2015’s Melbourne cabaret spectacular.


Dracula’s is Australia’s most successful, longest-running and undeniably unique cabaret shows in Melbourne. It’s a show and restaurant experience, offering guests a wickedly good time for more than 30 years thanks to its striking and unforgettable combination of delectable food and beverages and deliciously dark entertainment. Silly but slick, gothic and grand, ghoulish and sexy and bizarre and hellishly hot, there’s nothing quite like Dracula’s anywhere else on earth… or the underworld, for that matter.

You’ll come for the show, but stay for the food. There are plenty of great shows in Melbourne, but the theatre restaurant is sadly lacking on the contemporary entertainment scene these days. Drac’s bridges that bemoaned gap, with more than a handful of catering awards under their belt, as well as their celebrated entertainment selection.

The Gothic castle the cast of Drac’s call home is also reportedly haunted – and they’ll tell you so. Prepare yourself for a truly thrilling, chilling and tantalising night of unbeatable entertainment.

Has our cabaret Melbourne compilation whet your appetite for more? Take a peek at Dracula’s in Melbourne for some spine-tingling fun.

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