New Zealand is famously where Tolkien’s ‘The Shire’ was brought to life. Our friends at Dialaflight reveal five of the spectacular, real life landscapes in which Frodo and friends battled Lord Sauron…

When you think of New Zealand the first thing that comes to mind is the popular trilogy, The Lord of the Rings. The beautiful sceneries that were presented on the film were shot in the country. Let us relive the adventures of Frodo and the fellowship in this article that would take us to the top five scenic places where Tolkien’s world came alive.

1. Matamata
The exquisite beauty of this location provided the perfect spot for the fantasy village called The Shire. As of the present time, The Hobbiton movie set is open for a guided tour which fans would surely enjoy. Explore the 44 Hobbit holes including Bilbo Baggins’ home – Bag’s End. For more information you can check out this website on the subject. It’s worth booking in advance as many fans of the films make the pilgrimmage to Matamata.

2. Wellington
Rivendell, the kingdom of the Elves took shape in the midst of Kaitoke Regional Park and its pristine rivers. You may not be able to see set in the castle where Frodo recovered from his wounds, but a sign is visible from the car park that would lead you to the exact spot.

3. Mount Sunday in Ashburton District
Who could forget the magnificent horses housed in the stables of Rohan? Edoras its main city was filmed on the cliffs of Mount Sunday. The location holds its own magic and with a bit of imagination, it will transport you back in time to land in the halls of Theoden. Unfortunately, the set was taken down after the completion of the trilogy. You can only visit the ruins and the exact location where they filmed it.

4. Takaro Road, Fiorland
The surrounding forest was transformed into the Fangorn Forest, a magical place where the trees came alive. In order to appreciate the exquisiteness of this location, you need to book a helicopter tour. The film crew needed to use remote cameras wired to the trees to shoot Aragorn’s scenes in the forest.

5. Twizel
The actual land of the kings, Gondor is inaccessible to the public because it’s located on a private island. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy a tour of the areas where the epic final battle led by Aragorn, Theoden, Legolas and Gimli.

More than just getting a glimpse of the movie sets, a trip to New Zealand would definitely revitalize your soul. If you want to take time away from the hustle of the city, this is surely the place to go to ease your worries.

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