We invite the local experts at Vienna Opera Tickets to share some of their most unusual and fun secrets for keeping busy in the Austrian capital, from opera (obviously!) to museums full of fake art…

Vienna is not a particularly big city, but it definitely packs a lot in. There are plenty of quirky and special experiences for visitors to enjoy when they visit. Here are just a few of the lesser-known destinations that are certainly worth adding to your ´must do` list.

Visit the People’s Opera

For opera lovers, Vienna is a heavenly place. There are seven venues which offer performances, at some point in the year. The majority of these provide opera-goers with a very traditional experience. But, not so much if you attend a performance at the Volksoper, which is also known as the People’s Opera. This opera house regularly puts on performances of lesser-known pieces and takes an innovative approach to the art form. They are not afraid to experiment, which makes for a really interesting experience for opera-goers.

Vienna Opera Tickets are not that expensive, but, they tend to sell out quite quickly. So, it is always wise to book in advance.

The People's Opera by Bwag.
The People’s Opera by Bwag.

The elite and secret societies of Vienna

If the Freemasons capture your imagination or you are a big fan of Dan Brown style mysteries you are going to love the secret society-themed tours Vienna offers. Unsurprisingly the illustrious city of Vienna has its fair share of elite societies. Some are historical. Others are still in existence today. If you want to learn about them, do some research and book yourself a behind the scenes style tour.

A tour of Vienna´s courtyards and squares

There are some lovely hidden nooks and crannies to enjoy in Vienna. If you want to poke around beautiful courtyards and enjoy a drink in a quiet, civilized square go online and do a bit of research. You can find some of the best in articles like this one and on traveler review websites.

Visit the Observatory

Vienna has a quirky little Observatory that is housed in a beautiful art nouveau building. It is located alongside the canal, so walking there is a pleasure. While you are there visit the unusual puppet theatre.

The surprisingly fascinating Clock Museum

If you are a fan of quirky or specialist museums you are going to really like the Uhrenmuseum (Clock Museum). It does not sound very promising, but once you get inside you are sure to be captivated by this museum’s unique displays.

Pop into the Globe Museum

The Globe Museum is another quirky one. It is tiny, consisting of just five rooms in the National Library. If you are already in the area it is well worth putting aside an hour to visit it.

A quirky museum for art lovers

If you love art, you will be fascinated by the Museum of Art Fakes that is full of forgeries of historic paintings. Especially interesting are the works by Tom Keating. He planted what he liked to call time bombs into the fakes he created. His little clues are actually not that hard to find if you take the time to do so. If you want to try to find one, you can. One of his famous pieces is on display in the museum, so you can see if you can spot the clue that he left behind to indicate that it was a fake.

So, there you have it 7 slightly unusual things to enjoy while in Vienna. The great thing, about this city, is that the above suggestions are only the tip of the iceberg. There are lots more off the wall things to enjoy doing in this venerable city.

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