Looking for a romantic couples retreat, or maybe a remote adventure on a far flung island? We invite Air Charter Service to introduce some of the world’s most secluded destinations, from wonderful Tahiti to epic Antarctica.

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When it comes to getting away, it seems that being able to truly escape our hectic lives is nearly impossible. Somewhere where you can turn your phone off, enjoy great views and even better company. But there are a handful of romantic and remote destinations guaranteed to make you forget about the “real world.” So whether you’re looking to relax on golden beaches or live an adventure-filled holiday, escaping to the world’s most secluded vacation spots has never been more desirable.

Palawan Island Province, Philippines

Floating in the North Pacific Ocean, just west of the Filipino mainland, sits Palawan Island Province. This region is made up of 1,780 Islands spanning 1,200 miles of tropical shoreline. With a population of zero, Apulit Island offers you remoteness and romance ensuring you can enjoy the sounds of gentle lapping waves against powdery-soft sands in total solitude. This is an island designed for couples who wish to spend their mornings swinging in side-by-side hammocks, afternoons hiking the island’s limestone cliffs to reach its unparalleled viewpoint and couples kayaking. All before returning to their own private luxurious overwater bungalows suspended above crystal-clear waters.



Surrounded by glaciers and icebergs, Antarctica is about as remote a destination as you will find. If this winter wonderland is on your travel list we recommend you pay a visit to Deception Island – a partially submerged caldera of what once was an active volcano situated north of the Antarctic peninsula. This is the destination of dreams.


When escaping to the world’s “Ice Desert,” you can spend your days climbing 1000 year-old glaciers and navigating Iceberg Alley. And your nights cozied up with your loved one on a private yacht anchored offshore, or camping on frozen sea ice. And don’t forget your swimwear as this island’s surrounding geothermally heated water makes it the only place in Antarctica where you can take a dip with the penguins. Learn more about Deception Island here.



The microscopic paradise that is Motu Teta, Rangiroa, Tahiti, is as rife with romance as it is with palm trees swaying in the breeze and golden beaches awash with the warm, azure-colored South Pacific Ocean. From a private jet to a private island, what more could you ask for?


One of the most relaxing destinations you could hope to find, Motu Teta offers you sailing on one of the resort’s six boats, and the freshest seafood and French-inspired meals prepared by your own private chef. If you’re looking for quiet, now you’ve found it as on this island it’s only you, the staff, and a 2,250 square foot lagoon-facing abode.


The Italian island of Capri is renowned for its romantic and picture-perfect scenery. Savour a glass of Amaretto served with a treat from Gelateria Buonocore, which according to past visitors, rivals the best gelato of Rome, the rest of Italy, and the world.


Get lost in romance under the Faraglione di Mezzo archway, one of the Capri’s ultimate canoodling spots along with the Island’s legendary Blue Grotto sea cave – both are reachable by private boat. Whatever your romantic and remote wishes, this hub of Italian beauty has it all.


Bali proves it’s more than just an idyllic backdrop for romantic films such as “Eat, Pray Love”. Instead, it offers couples looking to escape the humdrum of everyday life a variety of majestic hotels and activities. From the lagoon-facing villas of Nusa Dua beach, to the cliffside stays at Ulu Segara and the rainforest retreats of Nandini Bali. This stunning island is littered with secluded getaways.


Bali offers unrivalled coastal beach clubs such as Potato Head, Seminyak, and beautiful natural wonders like Tegenungan Waterfall, Ubud. Known as “The Island of the God’s”, Bali has cemented itself as one of the most remote and romantic destinations on earth.

All of these secluded vacation spots are reachable by private jet charter, meaning the relaxation and privacy of your trip can begin as soon as you take-off. And if you prefer living the romance and adventure to planning it, contact Air Charter Services Travel & Concierge team, where they can assist in arranging a bespoke, luxurious and stress-free trip.

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